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How to Revive Dead Car Battery When Forgot to Switch Off Lights

Car battery breakdown if you forgot to switch off your lights... I gotta admit that I am a person who forget something easily especially when it involve anger/hatred/small matters. Even my girlfriend know me so well that she will always remind me not to be a "Goldfish" that has only 30 seconds memory. (I wish I am a GoldFish with many gold instead LOL) In just year 2013, I've forgot twice about not switching off my car lights when I leave, which ended up with dead car battery... That's the reason why I couldn't make it to BlackBerry Z30 launch today as I need to fix my car ... Signs that Your Car Battery is Dead Following are some of the signs that indicate that your car battery is dead or has drained. The car does not start after you turn the key into the ignition.  The electrically operated components like the car windows don't work. While starting the car if it makes a clicking sound instead of the usual sound. The headlights have become dim