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Bio Malaysia 2009

Bio Malaysia Exhibition 2009 @ KLCC 17-19 November 2009 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Apparently I took more photo this time compared to BioMalaysia 2008 . The purpose to go to this exhibition is to attend their BNP [BioNexus Partners] Presentation Session . Compared to last year, there are more exhibition booth and more participant too. Especially company from Korea. Now there are more BioNexus status company getting involved too. I have gain more exposure on certain new invention and this is a good thing. Let see the photo streams while I elaborate them. BNP Presentation The hall looks better this year but the sound system for this presentation need some improvement. I can't really hear what they said because there is only one speaker located beside them. After the talk we have 3 hours break before next talk, so we go to explore the hall. Linked 30-300L Pilot Scale Fermenter Made in Korea and they just looks shining Korea Brand Hand Sanitizer - 24·7 Colored water