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DearBear3 Handmade @ Wonderful Market 5

Today is the Pipit 4th Anniversary and Wonderful Market 5 . So as usual I went to support my sis - DearBear3 for her handmade stuff. This time venue was set at Central Market Annexe Gallery . Cherry @ This is one of her handmade resin necklace. This is the cupcake+candy design. There are lots more with their own unique looks. DearBear3's new product - The Rabbit+Monkey+Bear rings A closer look of DearBear3 with her Bear Cap bro. *The bear cap also handmade by her too* Feel free to email her at dearbear1228[at] if you want to ahve custom made handmade item kay? -DearBear3's Blog Shop -DearBear3's Facebook Fanpage ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saw this short patung @ at the Wonderful Market. This is what he shouted ;p If you are feeling easy tonight, feel free to vote for My Selangor Story blog post kay? I am sure this blogging competition would help me a lot in my blogging career! Just give 5 loves for each post would do, thank y

Where Is TianChad Going Today?

Did you know where I took this photo? Cos I am going there soon~! (again) If you are smart enough you will know the answer from this first photo already =D Last time went there with my dear sister DearBear3 She is really good at making cute stuff such as handmade soft toy, hand bag, cup cake that looks so real and even the cute bear cap that she is wearing now~!! You can see some of their handmade stuff here @ Pipit Wonderful Market . Here is a big hint where we went~! It was drizzling that day but we just can't miss the chance to play Space Shot~! Spotted a lovely couple who pose for my camera =D *They were shivering because of the rain and thin clothes they are wearing* K la, wish me have fun at there later ~! Will have a schedule post publish at night =D *Doesn't the bear cap look very cute?!*

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 @ TimeSquare

Pipit Wonderful Market #2 [4th July 2009] Trying to blog about the happening in year 2009 a.s.a.p. as I still have more to post about. Okay lets see what I've got. On a sunny Saturday, heading to Time Square a level above McD has this Arts Exhibition+Market at the empty space. As brother of DearBear3 , I gotta help her on her market too. So...lets see what I saw. [PS: We were in the #1 Wonderful Market too~! Click HERE ] Deciding to buy the plain one or flavoured KirspyKreme Saw the lady inside kinda "stunt" or thinking about why I am taking the photo. DearBear3 my sis with sweet KrispyKreme We are selling sweet and tasty Cupcakes too! Just that they are non-edible. How bout some creamy ice cream with fruits on it? Happy Bear Family Met GuiFeng aka Francene in the noon Welcomed by Pinky bearbear Framed by Genesis Culture's Ruben Tan Since I am just there to help my sis, I can go around to other stall and have a look without any limitation =D Let see which stall ca