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Nuffnang & Kechara Soup Kitchen Charity Event @ Kuala Lumpur

Nuffnang & Kechara Soup Kitchen Charity Event  Early in June, Nuffnang gave me a call wonder if I was free to do a photoshoot. I accepted it straight away as I would able to document down all the good deeds that people do to help others. I can collect good karma too, so why not? =D It was a charity event by Nuffnang in collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen and Milo. The challenging part in this assignment was to snap photos in the kitchen with limited space. The weather was hot and everyone was sweating while preparing packed rice, biscuit and drink. Not easy to do charity yo.  Lexus biscuits, Milo Can Drinks, fruit and bread for homeless people who will collect it at the counter The uncle who always cook the rice for people in need. He has been working at Kechara Soup Kitchen for more than 8 years As long as you need a helping hand in your down time, you are always welcome to Kechara Soup Kitchen Feed yourself full, and continue to strive harde