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Taste Better Durian Puff is now RM10/box @ Sunway Pyramid... #DurianPuff

Taste Better Durian Puff @ Sunway Pyramid Ever since I tried the durian puff  from Taste Better outlet in Sunway Pyramid , I fell in love with the taste and that time still consider affordable at RM8/box which contain 6 pieces of durian puff. The main reason I like this durian puff is I can squeeze the whole puff into my mouth and enjoy that tasty durian filing when you chew on the crunchy puff with smooth durian filling. To fully enjoy this Durian Puff from Taste Better, you must put all of it it into mouth Taste Better DUrian Puff has increace price. No longer RM8/box I still remember few months back I buy it at only RM8/box and it is cheaper if you buy 3 boxes at one at RM20 (save RM4). When I visit Taste Better again at Sunway Pyramid on Christmas day, it seems like they have increase the price from RM8 to RM10 per box (RM2 increase is a lot!!) and there is no more promo if you buy more than 3 boxes... On Christmas day, Taste Better in Sunway Pyramid