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Tanjung Rambutan Buffet BBQ & Steamboat

Yesterday is a boys gang fairwell dinner for me together with another colleague [KeatSiang]. We went to Kepong to have steamboat and the after rain weather yesterday was just awesome for eating warm and hot food. Let picture tell the stories =) Restoran Tanjung Rambutan Buffet BBQ and Steamboat @ 青山烧烤火锅 The boss was guiding one of my colleagues to come here but failed. Why? Cos he overdrive to Batu Cave and ends up having Mc D ... Sorry bro, blame the traffic jam ~ There are riddles for you to solve and I guess it will change over time Various dishes You can make herbal soup too Those are seafood for yesterday. I guess there would be more if it is weekend. Clam dying to be eaten The specialty of this restaurant is they provide BBQ service. They will cook for you instead you cook yourself and get oily over all your body. Thumbs up for it. Of course, must prepare some vegetables to counter back all meats and seafood provided. [We only eat it at first round ] It is a self-service restaura

Ruumz Pillow Contest + Kam's Birthday

A day in April, was my colleague Kam 's birthday He wasn't free on his birthday so we celebrate on later day. This is his lovely Chocolate Fruit Cake Before the celebration started, took a photo with Kam Have you ever try to light the candle with a Bunsen Burner ? XD First time for us to do that ;p After had a very damn slow pace birthday song for Kam Asked him to pose a bit :) Later then Catherine help us cut the cake and separate to everyone Is there any rumors mentioned that the birthday person should not be the one to divide the cakes? As it will bring you bad luck? This is Ji Xiang a.k.a. 吉祥 Such a fortune name :) He is waiting for the salary. I mean I am waiting for the salary .... Here comes the potential poser - Liew !! When I ask Catherine to take photo with Kam It end up with this Looks like want to KO each other la Last but not least, here are some of my beloved colleagues that celebrate together :) It is fun to have birthday celebration at your company right? XD

Golden Egg Noodle @ Puchong

After a long meeting in the office My superior - Kenny brought some of us to have lunch at Golden Egg Noodle @ 王金板面 There are four choices of flavour Seaweed , Pumpkin , Chili or Coriander *With extra RM 0.50 * And there is a cubicle to make those noodles It is open for all people to see, through the Window of course ;p Camwhore while waiting!! Haha, even my colleagues need to get into camera This is Liew acting cute :X Ooi is here A good photo than can be used for advertisement! My superior - Kenny Lim Thanks for the treat :D And Pei Ying that tired of posing ;p (Even the little middle finger subconsciously showing how her feel ) XD Last but not least my self with the Kam Hiong Sauce Fried Ban Mee Really spicy with their red chilli ar =.=" "Syok now, pain tomorrow..." After all, it is a nice place to eat :) *All picture courtesy of Nokia XpressMusic 5610 *

Hailstorm in Malaysia Today!

Have you seen hailstone/hailstorm before. I have seen it for my first time~!! It was a very hot afternoon today, but the weather changed like girl change her cloth (Not every woman*) When I was working in the office, it started to rain around 5pm. I feel that the rain is getting heavier today because the sounds by raindrops was very loud. Then I feel curious and go to see near the window. It is super windy and I saw the trees like going to be blown away. Suddenly I noticed there is something like stone knocking at the window and bounced So I asked my colleague if it is hailstone He replied :"Don't think too much, it is just illusion!! 幻觉来的!!" I don't believe so I go wear my glasses and check again ;p (I try not to wear my glasses everytime, give my eye some space to recover ma XD) Guess what, it is really hailstone !! It almost came out in sudden and my another colleague told me to go downstair and check it out. Luckily I did bring my camera with me today!! ^@^ Hail