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Christina Perri Live in KL 2015 - Actual Concert Night @ KL Live

Christina Perri Live in KL 2015 - Actual Concert Night @ KL Live Yesterday night was special because it was Christina Perri performing at KL Live once again after three years . Time passed so quickly because that time Timothy Tiah and Audrey Ooi (Fourfeetnine) had a special arrangement on the stage because of their proposal video. Before that we were at Astro CNY Dinner at JW Marriott Kuala Lumpur Hotel to celebrate another great year ahead. It was my first time having "Lou Sang" in red wine too. Interesting experience haha. It was good to meet up friends there because I have attend less events (thanks to the MRT Construction in Puchong that cause massive jam) and less chance to meet up with them. But then since I wanna go for Christina Perri's concert, I will need to sacrifice the time to hang out with my friends for one of my favourite singer. Sorry guys I am sure we can meet again for longer chat haha. We decided to use Uber since it is kinda nearby an

Christina Perri The Head or Heart Tour Live in Malaysia [3 March 2015]

Christina Perri The Head or Heart Tour Live in Malaysia [3 March 2015] KL Live @ Life Centre At first I thought Christina Perri came to Malaysia last year, but checking back my blogpost it was 2012. Wow... time does fly ha!! Good news to share with you guys because Christina Perri is coming to Malaysia next year!! This time is IMC Live Group(previously AMC Live Group) to present Christina Perri at KL LIVE @ LIFE CENTRE Kuala  Lumpur on 3 March 2015! Two years back when I first met the gorgeous Christina Perri - I've waited a thousand years like to meet her~! In matters of love, should you rely on your heart or your head? This is the question Christina Perri posed as she began writing her second album, a collection of cathartic songs that seek to reconcile how we make decisions in love and life. The singer’s first album, lovestrong, grappled with the aftermath of a breakup, signaling Perri as an honest, genuine artist ready to share her emotional journey with her

When TC Meet Christina Perri in Malaysia KL Concert

Remember my blog post "A Thousand Years with Christina Perri and Celcom"? Thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom I won a meet and greet pass to meet Christina Perri in person during her concert in KL =D Here she is! The gorgeous Christina Perri! [L-R] Andrew, TC, Emelia, Christina Perri, Micheal and Mohd Zaid That day I didn't bring along my DSLR as camera are not allowed for the M&G and concert. Luckily JS and Celcom arranged a photographer that snap photo for us! I didn't manage to stand beside her but Christina place her hand at my back! #heavenmode Syiok sendiri haha! I like her live performance very much and I do hope to see her again! Maybe I can snap some beautiful picture during her performance next time? *finger crossed* It was a surprise for Timothy and Audrey (the MEME Proposal couple) too as Christina invited them to be on stage while she sing 'A Thousand Years'. That's one of the priceless wedding that you can get in your life! How

A Thousand Years with Christina Perri and Celcom

Christina Perri Live In Kuala Lumpur!! Date: 7 June 2012 (Thursday) Time: 8.30pm Venue: KL Live, Jalan Sultan Ismail Do you know that Christina Perri is going to perform live in KL this coming Thursday?! I just noticed the blogging contest that Nuffnang and Celcom organized together and here's my entry to win a chance to meet and greet Christina Perri in person !! I hope I can win the concert ticket and listen to Christina Perri's live performance of "Jar of Hearts" and sing together. *who do you think you are~~* Do you remember A Thousand Years that has been used in Timothy Tiah 's proposal video? Yesh! That's an awesome song by Christina Perri and I even incorporate it into my cousin's wedding dinner photoshoot too. Check out my photos below~ [W] WeiJie & Sylvia Getting Married | Hope you able to see how I capture their precious moments~ "Music new singer song writing sensation CHRISTINA PERRI who took the music industry by storm w