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This Photo Helped Me Won iPhone

I Uploaded This Photo on FB and Won an iPhone 6s Plus Have you ever thought of winning an iPhone by just upload a photo to Facebook/Instagram?? I never imagine this would happen to me but it did!! I received a PM from Digi Facebook Message and they were finalizing the winner by checking our eligibility (Digi user) after select final few creative photos. I've did a short Youtube video that I go to Digi Headquarter to collect the iPhone 6s Plus (OMG!) , if you've got 3 minutes spare, just watch it kay?   I hope I can inspire you guys to do YouTube video too. #DigiLetsInspire UPLOADED THIS PHOTO AND WON IPHONE! WHAT?! 

Vote for me @ DiGi WWWOW Awards - Photostory of the Year

What is WWWOW Awards? WWWOW Awards is Malaysia's and only Internet for All Awards. It is based on 100% user-generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the Internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others. It is Initiated by DiGi but supported by 19 partner brands and companies who believe in the power of the Internet to transform collaboration, community and commerce.   DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013 - BroDon'tLikeThatBro Heyo guys, I rarely join contest these days but I guess I should try on this one - DiGi WWWOW Awards 2013 . There are several category for this awards and the prizes for 'Blogger of the Year' and 'Fav Makan makan expert' looks super temping as you get to enjoy a fully sponsored 3D2N Tour to Manila, Philippines with Chuckei (Top Local Blogger & Microblogger) and BroDon'tLikeThatBro to meet up with Yugatech (Top Philippine Tech blog) and D

Get Samsung GALAXY S4 @ DiGi & Menang Besar $$$

Get Samsung GALAXY S4 from DiGi at RM1,199 only (Usual retail price RM2,199) iPhone 5 or Samsung GALAXY S4 ? Your choice =) Today I am sharing why you should get Samsung GALAXY S4 with a data plan. I am currently using a brand new Samsung GALAXY S4 and found that there are many new features to get explored. Samsung GS4's camera has many new smart photography functions that I've yet to fully master them but so far I like the 'Animated photo' function the most! Best to paired with it's 13MP camera. I will share with you more about my review on Samsung GALAXY S4 later. Now with Samsung GALAXY S4 you can have amazing animated photo in just one click! Check out below: With just a Samsung GALAXY S4 you can see my hot steamboat boiling ;p Samsung GALAXY S4 Specification: Operating system: Android v4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)   Processor: 1.6 GHz Octa Core Processor (Exynos5 1.6GHz Quad Core + 1.2GHz Quad Core)  Screen: 5" Full HD Super AMOLED (

My Facebook account blocked, can't receive confirmation code through DiGi mobile phone

Two days ago, when I login my Facebook and switched to "Tian Chad @ 永遇乐" admin to update MY Astro 至尊流行榜颁奖典礼 Photo Album. [Usually I just use my main account to do all these because you can switch to admin/person easily] Suddenly I was asked to re-login when I try to reply a comment on the FB Page... So I just relogin and Facebook asked me to verify account by entering the security code that will send to my mobile phone. Security check as below: Facebook Mobile Security Check Now the problem is I can receive any SMS from my friends BUT anything from Facebook is 'disabled' and not functioning. Is it because I renewed my SIM card just few days ago?? I don't know Confirmation code never arrive although I've pressed so many times resent I've tried to email Facebook Support Center through the FB guidelines provided here and this is the reply I got: "Hi, Thank you for submitting this bug report and the taking time to help us impr

DiGi iPhone4 Review Focus on 5MP Camera

Still remember when I received this iPhone4 from DiGi, I was happy to be one of the selected blogger to review it . However, it wasn't that easy for me during the time reviewing it , there is pro and con of having a iPhone4 Demo Unit to review. Good thing for iPhone4 Demo Set , you get to enjoy a lot of games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Avatar 3D that impressed me the most. The phone wasn't lag at all when playing this 3D game! Bad thing is I can't have all the social media apps as demo set iPhone prohibited me to download install any apps from Apple Mac Apps Store, and photo+video taken through the phone will not be able to retrieved to PC. Therefore, I meet DiGi personnel to get the iPhone4 have a soft reset so that I can customize it and suit my social media use. Immediately I installed TweetDeck, FourSquare, and some other aps including Instagram. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to review the phone properly especially when t

DiGi Pimp My Music - First iPhone App for Unlimited Music

DiGi Pimp My Music party was organized at Zouk Club . I was kinda late to arrive at the party. Blame the Malaysia's traffic + rainy day? It happen more often with this rainy season now, so everyone drive safe! Was surprised to see Jessica (Lady Gaga) and Nicole(Sun Mi)' s out fit. Both wearing a wig~ Nicole doesn't look like Sun Mi? Check out this post Daphne , Yatz and Natasha The three doll-like ladies - Nicole, Rachel and RedButtockz Nuffies were up on stage to dance. Spot the rockstar Michelle =) Sha @ TehTarikMemoir come as Michael Buble and he sang. I personally like Michael Buble's song because it is hard to learn his singing tempo One of my favourite song = "Haven't Met You Yet" First time captured Lionel@DustyHawk's cute side lol Who come as Jason Mraz Ickes @ Elvis with his guitar and the recognizable Elvis's shirt Isroxck @ Marilyn Manson 's face was red when he is rocking with the song Took a picture with the four finalist.