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MasterCard #PricelessSG @ Marina Bay Cruise Centre with Seal!

  Second day of my MasterCard PricelessSG experience , woke up early in the morning from my comfy bed in Hard Rock Hotel. Headed to Starz Restaurant to have my breakfast and saw a cute father and son playing around. The best part of the breakfast in Starz is none other than their porridge corner. I had so much fun decorating mine with lots of century and salted eggs haha. After breakfast I went for a walk around Hard Rock Hotel and figured they have a very nice Water Park area with a huge swimming pool, sandy beach corner, poolside bar and so much more! Too bad I didn't bring my swimwear for this trip. Bumped into other media friends and tried out her wide lens on my new camera. The pictures definitely looked awesome! Highly recommended if you wanna camwhore with many friends~ After a quickly refreshing up in my hotel room, we then gathered at the lobby before heading to Equarius Hotel Rooms Tour . I guess we were brought to the special and private suite of Equarius