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My Experience Watching Lee Chong Wei Movie in National Stadium Bukit Jalil

LEE CHONG WEI 李宗伟 败者为王  WORLD PREMIERE @ BUKIT JALIL NATIONAL STADIUM | 9 MAR 2018 Courtesy of the organizer of   LEE CHONG WEI 李宗伟 败者为王  WORLD PREMIERE . I was lucky to be one of the 20,000 audience and the first to watch this extended version 133 minutes movie premiere at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. Instead of the usual comfortable cinema hall with air-condition that you always visit to watch movie, you are watching the movie with a 40 m x 17m LED screen , and with big moths attracted by the LED screen flying around. That was the special experience you get to encounter during this special World Premiere of   LEE CHONG WEI 李宗伟 败者为王 .


【WORLD PREMIERE】LEE CHONG WEI 李宗伟 败者为王 @ BUKIT JALIL NATIONAL STADIUM | 9 MAR 2018 WORLD PREMIERE OF LEE CHONG WEI (EXTENDED VERSION 133 MINUTES) TICKETS GO ON SALE 20 JANUARY 2018 Fans of badminton and Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei are set to witness the 1st and the ONLY screening of the 133-minute Director’s Extended Version of the LEE CHONG WEI movie on 9 March 2018 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur Sports City.

Exclusive Interview with Dato' Lee Chong Wei | London 2012 Olympic Games

Malaysia's Samsung Global Blogger - TianChad and Sandra Tan Tadaa!!! Please welcome Samsung Global Blogger representing Malaysia, TianChad and Sandra Tan ! Yes!! I am honored to be one of the selected Malaysian blogger to travel to London for 2012 Olympic Games and do the coverage for you guys! *10 days sponsored trip to London woohoo* I want to thanks my friends, blog readers and family for your continuous support! Courtesy of Samsung Malaysia , we were able to send Malaysia Badminton Team off to London for London 2012 Olympic Games !! The moment we arrived, there were already so many medias there interviewing the badminton players and coaches! Tan Boon Heong checking in his luggage This was the only time I could step inside the airport counter snapping photos of our Malaysia heroes. Haha! Better thing happened! We managed to snap group photos with them too! *smile* TianChad and Tan Boon Heong =) Tan Boon Heong and  Koo Kien Keat before flying

Questions for Dato' Lee Chong Wei

Dato' Lee Chong Wei If you are given a chance to interview our national treasure Dato' Lee Chong Wei about upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games . What would you ask? So far I got 2 good questions from my friend =)  "In our life, we gain and loss! Especially for a sport ethnic in the game arena. How will you face and overcome if you are a loser one day because champion is just a moment in real life."   " If u r not playing badminton, what kind of things u wish to do or fulfill in your life?" Start comment below with your question and I might just ask for you! ;p *************************************** 李宗伟明年結婚的新娘是黃妙珠 Apart from that, congratz to Chong Wei and girlfriend/ future wife Miao Zhu 黃妙珠 for getting married next year! I wish you both happy getting married and comes up with many more national treasures! Source from Facebook feed ;p Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your