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MFACE - M'sia New Social Network Portal Launch + Dato' AC Mizal 40's Birthday

PS: I guess some of you are here googling for MFace Virtual Share Investment. I have no idea regarding that and all I can say is be careful of what you are investing. Check if it is legal or not before you put your money/saving into the virtual world. Thanks Dato' AC Mizal , Director of M7at the launching of Mface Social Network Site Mface. me – is a Malaysian based social network site. It is a light blogging network which can be used for both personal and corporate use. It encompasses of 3 major elements – that is friends, followers and those who are following. User’s have the option to share the content on their page to the public (Friends and followers) or share privately (only to friends or pre-defined selected groups). Mface emphasizes on protecting user’s privacy. Mface’s main feature encompasses of the symbols +, -, x and / . Mface choose to use the unique feature of symbols to symbolize opinions. + (plus/addition) would symbolize like or show positiv

SMCKL #12: Explore the ROI of Winning Social Marketing Programme

SMCKL #12: Explore the ROI of Winning Social Marketing Programme " Steven Groves , founder of Social Marketing Conversations , and co-author of the ROI of Social Media (with Guy Powell and Jerry Dimos ), to Social Media Club #12: Exploring the ROI of a Winning Social Marketing Programme . Guy Powell, founder of DemandROMI (a marketing consulting firm), and co-author of ROI of Social Media, will also be joining us for this event. Powell was instrumental in laying down the foundational elements in the book and is an author in his own right. Groves will share some of his personal insights on how marketers and brands can design and put in place a fully-integrated SM programme that can be monitored, measured and give the best return to the bottom line. " Well, it was Tuesday and I was working nearby KLCC. My friend @gugubird invited me to SMCKL but since it was last minutes the registration to get ticket has closed. But I tried to ask on twitter and guess what? Someone from SM

Pecha Kucha Getting Social @ Delucca Restaurant

"Back by popular demand, Pecha Kucha Night (PKN) , the global design networking/social event that draws creative talents together is back for its eleventh installment! In the first Pecha Kucha of 2011, join host Niki Cheong and British Council who will present a line up of big names, with even bigger personalities to match as they share their stories and journeys about social media and the way it has revolutionized the way we communicate!" A corner of Delucca Italian Restaurant The Bar @ Delucca Italian Restaurant Below are all 10 speakers for the night, each slides stay for 20 seconds and they will need to finish it in less then 3 minutes: Niki Cheong - Journalist and social media advocate Website | Twitter | @nikicheong Niki, a multi-talented guy that just dyed his hair Julian Hopkins - PhD candidate at Monash University, Sunway Campus researching the commercialization of Malaysian blogs Website | Twitter | @ju