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【PHOTO】Cutest Sleeping Puppies I've Ever Photographed. Hope they made you smile

Cutest Sleeping Puppies I've Ever Seen and photographed If you love looking at something cute and like dog or puppies too, this photo post is for you. I took some photos of these puppies when I first saw them resting under a huge lorry. They making that cute little sound and I was worry about the lorry. Thankfully there were kind human who built a dog house for them and now relocated them to somewhere safer. They are now much bigger but I am glad I went to shoot some photos when the puppies were still very young with their eyes closed, wanting more milk from dog mommy or sleeping under the shade.  For now, enjoy the photos. I've uploaded to Shutterstock and hopefully can get approval soon. Let me know if you are interested in getting them printed in large size to decorate your room or space at home. Or else, wait till Shutterstock approve it for commercial usage. Quick updates on the puppies, total two are adopted and now left all female puppies for adoption. I was quite surp

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra May Software Update | Better Focusing & New Macro Feature

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra May 2020 Camera Update | Better Focusing & New Macro Feature Just updated my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra with the latest May 2020 Software Update and noticed major improvement in focusing and there is a NEW "Macro Lens Focusing" also know as Close-up zoom feature added to the camera. Watch the video below and let me know if you think the camera focusing for Galaxy S20 has improved! The security patch is updated to 1 May 2020. The updated software version for S20 Ultra is G988BXXU2ATE6 / G988BOXM2ATE6 / G988BXXU2ATE3 with 300MB++ in size. If you wonder my phone is Snapdragon or Exynos version, my phone comes with the Exynos chipset.

【CARPUT Review】 Car Battery Replaced with Ease & Here's Promo/Coupon Code for you

【CARPUT REVIEW】Get your car battery easily replaced using CARPUT mobile apps Due to our long Movement Control Order (MCO) / Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) in Malaysia, and also infrequent start-up of my car, I couldn't start my car when I need to go for grocery shopping. Although I manage to jump start my car with my neighbour helps (they have a jumpstart device), my car stopped again somewhere in town and that means I really need to change my car battery and get someone's help. If your car engine won't start even after a successful jumpstart and charging for half an hour, that means your car might have either a faulty battery OR broken Alternator device.  Since we can't move around due to MCO, I remember mobile apps like CARPUT /BATERIKU might able to help me solve this problem. I tried both application but CARPUT has faster response. So basically this personal blogpost is about sharing my experience having Carput to help me out, a Carput review with a story. (

【REVIEW】@Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Smartphone

【REVIEW】Moment Case for Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Having Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, a smartphone at premium price means that everyone would need to get a great casing that can protect my phone. Other than protecting the edges and surface, I need something that can protect that bulged out camera section especially when they are made of glass. Also, the camera device on the Galaxy S20 Ultra made the phone upper portion heavier too. Hence a casing with nice case is required. After some Google research and as a person who already invested in a few Moment lens (Wide, FishEye and Macro), I've decided to get the Moment Thin Case for my Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra . I pre-ordered it hence it only cost me USD28 (instead of USD40) for the Galaxy Thin Case.