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Lost World of Tambun - Must Try Ride #TCTravel

It has been a while since I blogged about a fun place to go for family. So yeah I am going to introduce you Sunway's Lost World of Tambun. The reason I was there was merely because I won two all-day tickets and it was my friends and family member's birthday month to enjoy Sunway Pal Buy-1-Free-1 promotion for the family outing. Due to traffic jam, we didn't manage to arrive early at this place hence this time I only manage to explore the waterpark area, Tiger Valley and the Hot-Spring section in this huge theme park.

Lost World of Tambun Ticket Price is currently set at RM58/adult and RM51/kid. If you are senior citizen your ticket price will be RM51 too. I wonder why only cheaper 7 ringgits, is it because too many senior citizen in Ipoh visiting here? Hahaha!

Below are my review of Lost World of Tambun based on the short time I've spent here. Mainly about their Water Park and Hot Springs

French Film Festival Launch 2016 @ GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Do you love "ang-mo" especially French? Then you shouldn't miss out French Film Festival Launch 2017 by GSC next year!! It was another fun photoshoot for me to cover as I get to shoot for a French themed cocktails and a preview screening of romantic comedy, “Caprice” in GSC Pavilion KL. THere were champagne and Martell for the guests of the night. Aesop was one of the sponsor for their cute welcome gift. *Just imagine Aesop in small glass bottle, too cute!*

This was my first time watching French movie too, I find that there's a lot of coincidence about love in the movie and it is funny to learn French's culture this way. I'm not sure how true is the movie but it was fun to watch. Except the manual censorship in the middle of the movie la, that was really funny hahaha.

So below are some photos taken during the event, I hope you'll like it and engage my photography/ blogging services hahaha! Enjoy!!

AirAsia X Now Fly To Mauritius. Air-fare starts from RM299

Today AirAsia X becomes the only airline to offer nonstop flights between Kuala Lumpur to Mauritius, with 3 times weekly flights to commence on 4 October 2016. The all-in-fares starts from as low as RM299 one-way available for booking from 26 May to 5 June 2016.
AirAsia X added another destination into its route network and announced Mauritius as the next idyllic place it will connect directly from Kuala Lumpur, with three times weekly flights commencing 4 October 2016.
This brand new destination will be operated on the Airbus A330-300 with a capacity of 377 seats, inclusive of 12 award-winning Premium Flatbeds, and marks the AirAsia X Group’s 22nd destination throughout its route network.
毛里求斯成为亚航长程不断增长飞行网络的最新航点。 AirAsia X 亚航长程开通唯一吉隆坡至毛里求斯直飞航线,每周3 趟航班于2016 年10 月4 日启航。 全包单程优惠票价从299 令吉起,于2016 年5 月26 日起至6 月5 日公开销售。


I've been travelling around with my camera gears and it was good that I can capture precious moments along the journey. After so many times flying around, I guess it is time for me to share some tips on what you should do especially when you are into travel photography. I am sharing my tips based on my experience so do let me know if you have better travel photography tips to share or correct me on the info written here.

[Sponsored Video] The Places I Love To Visit In Singapore

To me, Singapore is a city that people living in a very fast paced mood. Just look at how fast their escalator move and you will know how fast their live could be haha! Although Singapore is a city with all  kinds of development and tall buildings around it, I still love the fact that they manage to maintain and blend in the greenery well with the city itself!!
So I am here to share some photos of places I've visited in Singapore and why I love it. Especially Gardens by the Bay and National Orchid Garden which offer nature scenery and a peaceful place for you to relax and just enjoy yourself.

Birthday Celebration @ 3 Wise Monkeys Bistro & Bar Setiawalk Puchong

Looks like I've been away from the blog again due to some photography work, but they are all good work and I am enjoying being busy with it. Since I just completed an assignment for client I shall quickly blog about this before I continue the next project. Sometimes you gotta do something different so you get to relax and have new ideas for your next creation.

So few days back we went to 3 Wise Monkeys Bistro & Bar @ Setiawalk Puchongto celebrate Nicole's big birthday and we got some Groupon Vouchers to enjoy the Pork Platter at a good price. The food was really good and I gotta say it is way better than the one I had at Morganfield's Sunway Pyramid. Check out the Pork Platter below:

47 New Looks in Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2016/2017

I rarely attend and cover fashion event but this time it is about a local designer who manage to build his brand all the way to oversea and I am eager to shoot some catwalk photos and to check out the new hotel. Hence that's why I went to Bernard Chandran Petang Raya 2016/2017 at The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.
This yearly event is pretty grand and I gotta say I am quite impressed with some of the new Bernard Chandran design and also the presentation by The St. Regis KL using LED Seamless Projection System. Below are the 47 new looks by Bernard Chandran for season 2016/2017

【照片】TVB x Astro 翡翠娱乐配套Jade Pack Launch: TVB紅星记者会开心时光

This will be a quick post showcasing photos taken during the press conference of TVB x Astro Jade Pack 2016 Launch (TVB x Astro 翡翠娛樂配套). Media friends get to interview TVB artists and I've recorded the invterview on my phone while focusing on capturing their happy moments during the event. I hope you guys like the photo and even reach to the Hong Kong artist themselves. 
Bowie Wu胡楓、Nancy Sit薛家燕、Joyce Tang滕麗名、Elaine Yiu姚子羚、Tony Hung洪永城、Sisley Choi蔡思貝、Benjamin Yuen袁偉豪、Grace Chan陳凱琳、Pal Sinn單立文 are interviewed in two groups and there are a lot funny moments that happen during that time. Tonu Hung and Grace Chan trying to clarify their relationship while Benjamin Yuan revealing something about his personal life. Most funniest moment is when Nancy Sit flaunt his 'Bahasa Melayu' with Pal Sinn. You must watch the video only will understand haha! Stay tuned on my YouTube!

[VIDEO] Astro x TVB紅星记者会: ‎袁偉豪 洪永城 ‎陳凱琳 谁会先结婚? 

NancySit薛家燕 教你讲马来文(Malay) | Astro Jade Pack x TVB紅星记者会

Other tha…

TVB x Astro 翡翠娛樂配套Jade Pack 啟動儀式: 一眾TVB紅星莅临馬來西亞出席活动大玩自拍

TVBAstro再次聯手,為馬來西亞電視觀眾提供更多選擇、更全面的電視新體驗!於5月1日正式登陸Astro的翡翠娛樂配套(Jade Pack),將囊括最熱門的TVB劇集、最新鮮的資訊娛樂與綜藝節目、亞洲最強功夫與武林影劇,以及經典不朽的粵語片。所有使用B.yond機頂盒的Astro用戶,將能從5月1日至15日之間,免費預覽翡翠娛樂配套内的頻道。
翡翠娛樂配套的特選頻道由TVB提供,包括三條重點頻道翡翠台(頻道326)Asian Action Channel(頻道327)粵語片台(頻道328),以及娛樂新聞台(頻道313)TVB星河(頻道314)TVBS Asia(頻道317)TVB經典台(頻道305),爲馬來西亞觀眾引進最精彩的TVB節目,提供「全新頻道,全新視野,更全面,更多選擇」的一站式娛樂新體驗。

為隆重其事,一眾TVB紅星包括:Bowie Wu胡楓、Nancy Sit薛家燕、Joyce Tang滕麗名、Elaine Yiu姚子羚、Tony Hung洪永城、Sisley Choi蔡思貝、Benjamin Yuen袁偉豪、Grace Chan陳凱琳、Pal Sinn單立文、Amigo Choi崔建邦莅临馬來西亞,出席翡翠娛樂配套的啟動儀式。

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