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Team Building @ Awana Genting Highlands + Rajawali Coffee House

[Next Post: The Mix @ Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie. MSS2011 Party with Liveband! ] After the morning jungle trekking @ Awana Genting Highlands, we then went back to Awana Genting Long House and Pasar Ikan Bakar to have our breakfast. This is a group photo from Feeq 's camera. Thank Dian and Fairuz who always take group photo for us MSS bloggers! =) After breakfast, we went to the big field for 'Tear of the Sun' Challenge. This is actually one of the available Team Building activities at Awana Genting Highlands. " Tear of the Sun (Outdoor) is a multifunctional activity offering any teams a proactive opportunity on basic and advanced teammbuilding techniques. A mission-oriented environment is created which requires teams to challenge themselves to improve their performance till the overall objective is achieved." Genting Highlands hidden behind the trees. I am glad that Malaysia have so many nice places that are close to nature like Awana Genting Highla

Pentax Optio RZ10 Review @ Awana Genting Highlands Jungle Treking. Macro Best!

[Next Post: Team Building @ Awana Genting Highlands + Rajawali Coffee House ] Still remember my last post about receiving Pentax Optio RZ10 to review? This is a special dedicated review of this compact camera. First of all, I choose it because it is obviously lighter than my DSLR. When I first get it, I hope it meet my normal expectation from a compact camera and something that my DSLR cannot do. Between, you can read about my previous post of MSS 2011 journey @ Pasar Ikan Bakar Seafood Barbeque & Blind Trail @ Awana Genting Long House . Besides the awesome seafood, you can also see the moment everyone of us look so helplessly during the night blind trail. Below are all the photos captured using Pentax Optio RZ10 followed by my humble review: Woke up early in the morning @ Awana Genting Long House . Everyone was getting prepared for morning jungle trekking. I choose to bring Pentax RZ10 because of its light weight plus we gonna climb mountain and hills with empty stomach. Every