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'KEEP CALM AND CHOMP' ft Evil Minion

Keep Calm and Chomp - Evil Minion Chomper Good Sunday to everybody =) Since I recently obsessed with Despicable Me 2's cute minions . I've brought little Evil Minion Chomper around for some photoshoot session while doing location scouting. Here's a sunrise image of moody evil minion chomper. You may want to check out my comic post featuring Tim Giggling, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber and the Evil Minion HERE  Created this 'Keep Calm and Chomp' poster featuring the Evil Minion this time (Got it from McDonald Happy Meal of course haha) when I went to scout for new photoshoot location in the morning with friends. Hope you love it as much as I do and share with your friends~ All you need to do is just give credit to @tianchad on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter ++  Thanks ya~ Evil Minion may looks evil, but he can look handsome too with the bokehs. He is actually enjoying the morning sunrise *just saying* PS: You can easily create your Keep Calm And... Poster at this web

Get Despicable Me 2 Minions McD Toys for Photoshoot. Here's mine!

Presenting you Despicable Me 2 McD Toys: Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Tim Giggling and Evil Minion Chomper On 11th July, McDonald Malaysia released their next two Despicable Me 2 Toys ( Tom Googly Eyes Grabber and Evil Minion Chomper ), which already sold out within just a day in several McD outlets in Malaysia. Well yeah... I somehow join the bandwagon to collect the McD Minions especially the Evil Minion Chomper with its fluffy hair haha. I personally think that they are good props for photoshoot haha. Thanks my buddy Raymond who bought it at Shah Alam's McD outlet. Here's some comic-photo-story taken with the three minions I have with me yesterday when we went to the swimming pool. Featuring  Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Tim Giggling and Evil Minion Chomper (Tim Giggling belongs to Raymond): One day, Tim, Tom and Evil minion went to the swimming pool for gathering... Tom who like to grab things ended up grabbing Evil Minion's fluffy hair. Of course Tim was g