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Priceless MasterCard VIP Trip to Singapore for Lady Gaga and Great Singapore Sale 2012! [Part 2]

[Update] If you haven't read my Part 1 for this awesome trip, click here The next day, I woke up early in the morning and checked out the swimming pools and gyms in Fairmont Hotel. The gym was really huge and well equipped. Too bad I forgot to bring my sport shoes for gym *lazy excuse haha* Feel free to visit the well equipped fitness gym/spa. You can jump into the swimming pool too.  We met up each other around 9.30am for breakfast at Prego .  My first time having freshly squeezed fruit juice where you can mix your favourite fruits together. I had Beetroot + Orange + Carrot and was really surprised to see there's a fresh honey comb that give you honey to 'enlighten' your pancakes. Delicious breakfast @ Prego Get your favourite slice of cheese here! Prego features a pizzeria, wine bar, rotisserie, takeaway counter and deli. Freshly baked breads, cakes, salads, sausages, cold cuts and pastas are available from the deli counter. After the

Priceless MasterCard VIP Trip to Singapore for Lady Gaga and Great Singapore Sale 2012! [Part 1]

Courtesy of MasterCard , I was invited along with Tey Cindy to experience the MasterCard VIP Lounge at Singapore Indoor Stadium and the Great Singapore Sale 2012 . Which concert was it? It was none other than 'Lady Gaga | Born This Way Ball'! I remember I blogged about it in February but never thought that I would have chance to go to her concert. All thanks to MasterCard!  To be honest, this is my first time taking flight to Singapore. Early in the morning, I took a cab to KLIA and then we flew to Singapore using Silk Air. It was really comfortable and you can have your own sky view through your window seat. With just 40 minutes in the air you've arrive in Singapore! Bright blue sky with great aerial view of Singapore Sea. MasterCard sure has it covered - What surprised me was the prearranged airport pick-up to Fairmont Hotel in a Bentley! Not forgetting  to mention about the driver who gave us a smooth ride to the hotel. Bentley - Our personal airpor