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10 Tips For Interstate Road Trip In Malaysia

10 Tips For Travelling Interstate In Malaysia Selfie taken at Petronas Twin Towers It’s not uncommon for us to grow jaded with the country we are born into and the sense of wanderlust often sends us searching for an escape beyond our Malaysian shores. However, with a land area of over 300,000 km2, it is undeniable that a large part of Malaysia will be left unexplored by many locals. Furthermore, with Kuala Lumpur rising as a bustling hub for the biggest events and parties, you shouldn’t have to miss out even if you reside in the deepest depths of Pahang. Domestic travel saves you the hassle of visa applications, passport renewals, currency changes and also the difference in languages. If you know how to manoeuvre your way around Malaysia effectively, there’s no reason why you can’t treat yourself to a mini vacation every weekend within your budget and in the comfort of your own country. Below are tips for maximising your roadtripping adventure around Malaysia: