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Mastering Modern Mobile Photography with your Smartphone #withGalaxy

Your Samsung Phone can achieve this natural bokeh visuals for real #withGalaxy Watch the video at the end of this post to find out Hi there, this is TianChad here. Long time no see!! Decided to share some thoughts about modern photography with photos and videos taken solely using the smartphone that accompany us 24/7. Do you swipe your Instagram and this is the first thing that you do in the morning? And also did you do the same right before you sleep? To be honest, I do!! Still trying to limit myself from spending too much time on social media but creating more content instead. Smartphone nowadays are so advance that not only they provide great convenience to us people, it has multiple camera lens in one same body (eg. Nowadays phone has at least 3 lens - Ultra Wide, Wide lens, Zoom lens, Macro lens) that allow us to shoot different angle and focal length using one same device. Best of all? It is now water resistant (IP68) that you can take photos under rain (PS: Your phone are wate

Top Up & Win Perodua Viva @!!

Kedai Runcit that we used to visit to buy groceries and phone reload Do you still remember the old time where most of us using just a simple mobile phone for SMS and call? Then youngsters like us always need to reload the prepaid phone every now and then so that we can continue to use the services. Go to a 'Kedai Runcit' to buy RM30 reload, if got money then buy a lot of reload during birthday month because DiGi will double the amount that you reload? I still remember I reloaded RM300 all at once during my birthday month just to get the extra 50% credits. That's an extra RM150 credit for a year yo! MRuncit - Mobile Runcit Nowadays, buying a reload is never that troublesome anymore as you can get it from MRuncit . MRuncit stands for Mobile Runcit , an online virtual product store which offers prepaid services with loyalty point schemes and easy payment options for community members in real-time via online and mobile device. At MRuncit, everything is