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SOTHYS Grooming Workshop @ Pavillion

Early in November I went to Sothys's Grooming Workshop that was organized by C LIVE Magazine . Well, I want to go there because it would be the first time I get to learn proper grooming for face. People are advised not to judge base on the cover but what would a person noticed first when they met each other at the very beginning? It is the outlooks after all. [Unless you are a guy/girl that ignore the outlooks] Let see what happened during the workshop. Now facial care product for men also have various choices I was the first one to arrive cos punctuality is actually one of my habits [Unless certain circumstances] The Platinum Room located in Pavillion Seventh Heaven with outrageous door We were served with "kuih-muih" and orange juice That is the moment I get to know Sothys the brand We were given a form for identification of our skin type While waiting I kill my time with this And look around their product which is quite "noble&quo