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STAR WARS x ROYAL SELANGOR Limited Edition Pewter Collection #StarwarsxRoyalSelangor

STAR WARS x ROYAL SELANGOR Pewter made USB Thumb-drives In mid of August, I was invited by Royal Selangor for the preview of their STAR WARS Pewter Collection where some of the designs are in limited edition. Royal Selangor has teamed up with The Walt Disney Company Southeast Asia to launch a collection that commemorates STAR WARS, one of the most successful movie franchises of all time and worldwide popular culture phenomenon. Although I am not exactly a huge fans of Star Wars, I do find these special edition pewter collection deserved some sharing. Royal Selangor Star Wars collection's lineup consists of 8-inch figurines,mugs, tumblers, USB flash drives and cufflinks. Let's have a look on the collection shall we??

Special Video for My Selangor Story. Sequel?

My Selangor Story , a one week trip that I miss ever since the first day I am back at home. So here is a special post to summarize all my stories in one post with one special video . Before that video, let see what and where I've been during the trip kay? DAY 1 Arrived at Subang Airport Terminal welcomed by Firefly Lady's BIG Smile. Some blogger are fortunate enough to experience their flight. After everyone is there we check in to Carlton Holiday Hotel. [Read here] This is the place we had dinner @ iCity Shah Alam . In the middle of the Digital City! Don't know how to go there? Check this post . Had lots of photo including videos taken at this place. Read them here & here . Then at night went to Uptown Shah Alam Night Bazaar for an open eye experiences especially the exotic pets shop. [Read here] DAY 2 The next day, we visited Royal Selangor Visitor Centre . Graduated from the School of Hard Knock with my own pewter bowl labeled with *bangga gila waha

MSS Day 2: Happy Knocking @ Royal Selangor Visitors Centre

Hi guys, at last I'm back with My Selangor Story blog post! =) Hope you didn't missed out my MSS Day 1 Stories about FireFly, i-City & UpTown Shah Alam [Be patience as there are tons of photos to load]. I was "zombified" after the fun trip but luckily today I managed to recover 70% of my stamina to update properly ;p The breakfast @ Carlton Holiday Hotel was so-so only but it is enough to help me survive for another morning =) A few bloggers found little cockroaches inside their hotel room, so do I! Therefore I hope Carlton Holiday Hotel will hire a pest control agency when they see this ya. No one like to sleep with this smelly creatures in the same room. Royal Selangor Visitors Centre @ 皇家雪兰莪 i s our destination after the breakfast. The first thing that catches my eyes is this huge tankard. It is recognized as the World's Largest Tankard by Guinness Books of Record. The Royal Selangor Visitor Centre is a 20 minute drive fro