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Studio C Our Music Band

Hello all are you a fans of local music band celebrities? If you are fans of BunkFace, OneBuckShort, Pop Shuvit, or They will kill us all, don't miss this chance of see them perform LIVE in front of you~! All thanks to Studic C ~! Studio C presenting local and international bands to rock over peninsular You can also listen to music performed live by international band. Including Moving Units (US), The Applicants (UK) and Sundays Record (AUS) beginning January and right up to March. Schedule as below: *Event Strictly for 18 years and above only* Besides that, 3 aspiring new solo acts or bands will get the chance to show their jam at the Studio © Live event. Who gets to perform is up to you. Wanna see the perform by "An Honest Mistake"? Vote for them daily by checking this site - Studio C Voting Page [Preregistration is required] If you are a fans of Studic C , then you should join their FB Fanpage by clicking here ya.