iTalk Party Launch with BunkFace | Borneo RainForest

Early in April (7th), I was invited along many other bloggers to attend iTalk Whoa Party at Borneo Rainforest, Sunway. This event is kinda short compared to others. However, they did provide lots of food for us, platform for online iTalk Whoa registration, have some fun games and BunkFace was there to perform live.

What best is to able to meet bloggers from both Nuffnang + Advertlets. This has already become a rare scene that I can see in one same place. How I wish there are more event like this, bloggers gathered together by not differentiating each other in which gang +++

Jeremy Kung, CEO of TM was having his birthday celebration that night.
*He looks like a rock star singer to me.*

Kylie Chapman, a pretty host for the night

There are really tons of foods provided inside. With just salad you can already get full. Too bad I am not herbivore that night.

I actually prefer more to the desserts corner than others
*Actually you can hardly see what are the food as it is kinda dark inside, so I suggest there will have more illumination for the food next time.*

You can register to iTalk Whoa on the spot. I bet someone did a speed test on the spot.
*I wish TM will have a better design Streamyx Modem/Router*

There are tons of TM people hiding in the crowd to support the event. As once Jeremy said "iTalk", they need to "Whoa!".

By observing the surrounding, you can see DSLR almost everywhere. here is the Military Gun versus Alpha Gun. Which one is better? *This remind me to raise money for a Flash unit*

Jeremy give an open speech and introduce about iTalk Whoa

Then Mr. Syamsul Azlan, TMNet's assistant manager explain more about the features of iTalk Whoa.

After the introduction of iTalk Whoa, Kylie have us to play games such as "Find-these-stuff-on-list" to win. *Joseph in the photo*

Even Cinderella's shoes was on the list too

Shaz, the XFM Radio announcer was "nominated" to play in this game too

Winner get to take photo with the emcee

After a while we had a break as TM people were up on stage to answer any question from the floor. I can say we are the quiet bunch as only a few asked question.

Actually I also have a question, since iTalk Whoa has become a platform of "All-In-One", is there a strong internet security to protect our personal info? Cos once account was hacked people will able to access to any of our private thingy. Even ppl will tweet "I have hacked to your account! Whoa!"

The self-introduction before their war begin

This is a Chopstick game as you need to transfer all ice-cubes to another glass and feel it with orange juice and finish it to win. *To win this game, it depends on your chopstick skills + ice cubes that initially are broken pieces or the intact one *

To end the event, BunkFace showing up yo make their performance. Almost can't recognize the main singer cos he has a messy hair.

"I don't want more, I just want everything!"

Stylo guitarist

The kid was there to answer question about BunkFace

"Alamak, salah jawapan!"

Kinda quiet guitarist

I say iTalk you say what? Whoa!

He like to show his tounge, is this a feature of rock star?

iTalk Party ended with Sam pointing his guitar into the sky. If you like BunkFace, follow them on Facebook.

Here are some of the bloggers that attended this event:

Simonso - Good in illustration

Yu Liang - Could be an obedient blogger

Zues - The so called pretty boy aka handsome boy

Kristine - A down to earth girl

SimonSeow - An event blogger

Nigel Sia and Kelly - Nigel is very good at photoshooting + videography while Kelly in my mind is a very straightforward girl =)

Joshua Wong - Is a very kind person to teach me about Photoshop. He is my Sifu =D

Emeryn - The obvious dimple helps me recognize her

Rames - A very professional guy who did well in both photography + photoshopping

Ellie - A future architect + journalist who said I am cute *haha*

Last but not least, thanks to Jaclyn who made us all bloggers gathered around and party together!

Talking about social around , start registering iTalk Whoa now and we could whoa together!


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