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'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' @ KLPAC ft Naomi Price #rumourhasitMY

'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs'  - featuring  Naomi Price   'RUMOUR HAS IT Adele – Her Life And Songs' - starring Naomi Price (The Voice Australia) this award winning musical celebration will be take you on the life journey of the ordinary girl Adele Adkins rise to stardom; featuring the best of her songs. The show was held at KLPAC from 21st – 25th Sept and below are some photos taken during the Asia Premiere Night. I love the simple decoration for the stage, the awesome lighting that complement their live performance and yet let us focusing on the vocals and live band. Thanks Milestone Production for your invitation, I did enjoy the show =) I love Naomi Price 's impersonation of Adele and the production even customized the show to Malaysian (especially when it comes to jokes that were being custom made including making fun of 'her' hairstyle). Overall, the show was a combination of Adele's story telling. She shared about her li

More HI-5 HOUSE HITS 2014 shows to meet overwhelming demand!!

Hi-5 House Hits 2014 Live in Malaysia Now with more tour dates!! 10th to 14th December 2014 (Wednesday to Sunday) Venue: klpac, Pentas One The best-selling  Hi-5 children musical group  has an unprecedented popularity worldwide and there’s no exception in Malaysia. Since the dates for  Hi-5 House Hits 2014 Live in Malaysia  show were announced to the public in late September, the response from our local fans has been phenomenal. To accommodate the demand for tickets, Hi-5 Operations, the organiser to this fanfare production has  added 2 more shows, for 11am on 11 December and 6pm on 14 December , to the original show schedule summing up to a total of 11 shows available for the public. Indeed great news and relief for the excited children and parents in this region to have this valuable chance to enjoy and truly experience this unique and extravagant musical show. 


HI-5 HOUSE HITS 2014 LIVE IN MALAYSIA 10-14 DEC 2014 | klpac, Pentas 1 Is Hi-5 your favourite show during your childhood? Are your children fans of Hi-5? You can now catch them live in Malaysia this coming December at klpac so go and get the early bird tickets this weekend ya. I don't have much impression about this show but maybe my childhood is different than yours. I watch Power Rangers, Thunder Cat, and a lot Indian Drama that I watch together with grandma. That's where I learn how to dance behind the tree hahaha. Hi-5  is back in Malaysia, for a spectacular new show -  Hi-5 House Hits 2014  - on  10th to 14th December 2014 in The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) , and there will be a total of 9 shows. The children’s musical group guarantees to bring an amazing sing-and-dance performance that can be enjoyed by children and parents alike.