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[Tips] How To Be A Modern Man - What TC say

How to be a modern man? One would ask when he want to be a better person to become more charming/knowledgeable. As for me, I do certain things to make myself a better person: - Become a Better Man here 1. Visit  I stumble upon this website through a blogger friend's recommendation and it is one of the best channel for you to learn how to be a better man. I would say is an almost complete website that talking about health, sports, tips for grooming and not neglecting the latest issue/trend that one modern man shouldn't miss. PS: They do provide tips for dating and sex too for you to wow the opposite sex Men's health, Men's Uno and Digital Camera 2. Buy and read Men's magazine to keep updated with latest info/news Every month I will buy men's magazine such as Men's Health , Men's Uno and not forgetting some photography magazines to increase my knowledge and also skills. Through Men's Health I'