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Norton CyberCrime Report Sharing @ Alexis Gardens [GIVEAWAY]

Norton Cybercrime Report 2011 - Exposing the True Scale Thanks Norton for the invitation to this sharing session @ Alexis Kitchen Bar (Gardens) as I was able to get in touch with Norton products again after so long. Yes, I was there to check out if there is any improvement and I can ask questions personally~! "For the first time a Norton study calculates the cost of global cybercrime: US$114 billion annually . Based on the value victims surveyed placed on time lost due to their cybercrime experiences, an additional US$274 billion was lost. With 431 million adult victims globally in the past year and at an annual price of US$388 billion globally based on financial losses and time lost, cybercrime costs the world significantly more than the global black market in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined (US$288 billion). According to the Norton Cybercrime Report 2011 more than two thirds of online adults (69 percent) have been a victim of cybercrime in their lifetime. Every se