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Fluffy with the SEVEN HashTag Coca-cola #shareMYcokelah

A 7 unique bottles of Coca-cola in a nicely packed box #ShareMYCokeLah So the other day I had a surprise delivery from a sweet couple right at my doorstep and this is it! A box of seven different coke with unique hashtag on it. Basically all the hashtags are common words that we Malaysian use (#terrernya #fuyoh #lenglui #syoknya #bestgiler #macha #beb). I like to use the word #fuyoh the most. Which #hashtag coke can is your favourite? #ShareMYCokeLah Fluffy and bunny sniffing on the cans As usual I put Fluffy and Bunny rabbit out from cage in the morning during feeding time and sharing the Coke with them. Guess which #hashtag they choose? Seems like Fluffy choose to be a #lenglui *so smart little princess!* They were checking if it is edible hahaha. Sorry Fluffy I can only let you sniff and bit but not to drink it yo. But yeah I agree you are a #lenglui~ A picture that pretty much describe the word #syoknya =) Thanks for being awesome model *shake hand