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Elecoldxhot @ F1 Twin Towers @live 2012 Dance Performance Photos/Video

Elecoldxhot @ F1 Twin Towers @live 2012 Elecoldxhot is one of the famous dance group in Malaysia ever since they won 8TV Show Down 2011 . Malaysian who watch 8TV sure at least know about them right? Some people feel bored of them but still there are tons of dancers/fans who like to see them perform. Although in my opinion there are some dance moves that has been show again and again, there's always something new in their choreograph. As of this time at F1 Twin Towers @live Concert 2012, they perform earlier than Girls' Generation (as the ladies need more time to get ready) and I think they did well by incorporating a few K-Pop songs in their dance performance. The most memorable song no doubt is Hyuna's Bubblepop! maybe that's why there were female dancers performing this time. Are they another hot dancing group/ students of Elecoldxhot dance studio? You tell me. Between I don't have zoom lens with me that night and I was kinda far away from the stage. anyway