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Met Ice Kacang Puppy Love's Actor at KiPPas

In early May I went to KiPPas which is the Passport Renewal Kiosk System in Subang , to renew both me and my sister's passport. Since I didn't brought my old expired passport,(in Melaka) I wasn't allowed to renew/get a new passport unless I bring along my old one. My little cute sister DearBear3 make me even more frustrated because she found that she didn't bring her old passport along after I arrive...Ends up I need to fetch her back and come back again. Luckily and look at the brightside, I don't feel angry anymore for not being able to renew my passport because I met someone, one of the actor in Ice Kacang Puppy Love . =D It is advised that you go and get your passport photo prepared or else you will need to take photo using this old machine. The KiPPas center was closed and this machine need a "kipas" to prevent overheat. Ah Malaysia time to upgrade~! And for ladies/guys who wear singlet, it is considered as inappropriate dressing that you must wear