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Dutch Lady World Milk Day 2010 | Pavilion + Amber Chia

So today (30th May 2010) is Dutch Lady Malaysia World Milk Day and there was an event organized at Pavilion this morning. Dutch Lady Malaysia managing director Bas van den Berg said the task of promoting the importance of one of the purest nutritional sources from nature is a continuous challenge. The non-retail limited edition milk packs are designs by PJ College of Art and Design students Amelia Ong Bee Leng and Ten Ming Khang which were chosen in a contest hosted by Dutch Lady Malaysia. They were awarded RM1,500 each for their winning designs. Dutch Lady Malaysia is also inviting 2,500 Malaysians to Pavilion KL for a first ever Malaysian Book of Records attempt for “Most Number of People Drinking Milk at the Same Time” on May 30. The attempt will be televised on TV3, followed by an exciting line-up of activities and performances by local artistes like Reshmonu. Registration for the attempt will be open at 10am.[It has been open earlier since the crowd start appearing at Pavil

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair in Malaysia Books Record [Sneak Peek]

Just a little sneak peek about today's Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair organized by Nuffnang at TimeSquare. The belle above are ladies who help us get less sweat by spraying Gatsby Perfume Deodorant for us. All bloggers and guest who attended this event has successfully set a record in the Malaysia Book of Records for the 'Largest Gathering of Bloggers' during the Street Fair! So how many bloggers gathered here today? Mr. Chin Choon Keng, Mr. Kuniyuki Ota and Mr. Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam who have a happy smile. I am sure Timothy is very happy for what happened today as he is smiling along the whole day. Wait, which day he is not smiling? =D The official opening of Gatsby Street Fair *peep peep* What is the game that makes MsXeroz that look so exhausted? There are so much game for us to play and the game-points that we won can be used to redeem various kind of Gatsby Product! Yay! Today is a humid day so we can't resist to get a huge cup of Slurpee to cool us down. If