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Tipsy Brew O'Coffee @ Puchong Setiawalk - Enjoy Nice Coffee Scent

TiPsy Brew O'Coffee @ Puchong Setiawalk - Enjoy Nice Coffee Scent Tipsy Brew O'Coffee @ Puchong Setiawalk -  As a Puchong citizen you might have already aware of it but I am here to share this awesome place for coffee lover who like cafe hopping and especially the one who appreciate the coffee as much as how the owner make it. I was just randomly drop by this place in one morning and the moment when I step into the coffee shop, the nice coffee fragrant immediately told me that I have come to the right place. Not only I like the ambiance, I think the most important thing is how the waiters/barista serve you a nice cup of coffee. Many people like to do #cafehopmy but I don't see why people #cafehoppuchong. Perhaps people outside from Puchong scared of the "legendary" traffic jam especially the LDP area. It is kinda true if you always come to Puchong during working hour, imagine I myself find it frustrated when I want to go to KL but got stuck in this

My Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City Of KL

Remember my previous post of unboxing Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows ?? I am hereby sharing something with you on a project that I am going to start on with the help of this new Yoga Tablet. Lenovo called it Project:RE and my task is to REdiscover the city where I am staying right now. To get inspiration, I went to a coffee shop for morning coffee hoping to have ideas for my project soon. Without noticing I've been getting used to the tablet quickly and even figured out the best of both worlds too.