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A Day with Xeroz Couple to buy Nikon D90

On this sunny Saturday, I woke up early with happy smile =D Just like this flower enjoying the morning sun Decided to go with the Xeroz Couple ( Jian and Nicole ) to YL Camera Service in Pudu Plaza for my new D90. My first DSLR in my life~! Before buy the camera we went for lunch at 发记烧腊饭档 near Pudu Plaza. 发记烧腊饭档 @ Pudu Plaza The chicken and duck tasted very well with their chili, duck sauce +ginger. Highly recommended! See Nicole's face? The face of satisfaction + excited. They even have nourishing notice for customer. This is a good skill to grab customer's heart. A kind of business tactic to build mutual relationship. This is 发记烧腊饭档 's menu. Many variety for you to choose ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Space jump, enjoyed the food. Went to find Mr. Alvin from YL Camera Services. Saw all the saloon fulled with customers dying their hair. They even line up out side to wait. Chiense New Year coming woi!! Mr. Alvin - the guy we are dealing with Feel that he is quit