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Night Walk @ Melaka Stadhuys Red House & Jonker Walk/Street

This weekend was Winter Solstice so I went back hometown earlier to have the usual luxurious+delicious homecook dinner.  I didn't bring along my portable harddisk (that's full of photos) back to Melaka , hence I couldn't process the photos ;p Anyhow, luckily I brought my cameras along and decided to go to Jonker Walk and Stadhuys Red House on a Friday night. This time I went out with the  "Power in my pocket"  instead of my DSLR. Just a quick walk on the busy street, spotted new stuff selling at road side, Egg-Ice is one of the top selling products here. Enjoy the photos below taken using SONY RX100. I am still new to it's function and it is definitely one powerful imaging device that you may consider to have. The Intelligent+ Mode has ease my photoshooting a lot when I feel lazy to play with the settings. Should I consider this as night street photography of Melaka historical and travel spot? Here you go:  Children dress @ Jonker Str