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HTC ChaCha @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Thanks to the availability of prepaid mobile broadband in Singapore, I manage to get a cheap data plan easily and share my journey during Singapore F1 Grand Prix . SGD 10 for 3 Days validity plus 50MB data connectivity. Good enough? Thanks my buddy Derrick for the suggestion of getting it. Early morning went to Sunway Pyramid to have my McD breakfast before taking Aeroline bus to Singapore. Everyone can has their own desired entertainment because you have your individual TV to play with. Met up with Proton Malaysia's friendly crew and got my F1 VIP ticket for 3 consecutive days ! This included the passes to GD&Top + SeungRi , Linkin Park concert. How great is that?! =D GD&TOP + SEUNG RI @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2011 The place is quite humid and crowded as well. But Singapore did it quite well in controlling the moving crowd. The F1 Racing car is emitting loud engine noise already! Had a VIP Bay Grandstand view and immediately share this amazing view with my friends thr

HTC ChaCha - FB Share Link Easily. It shine!

Do you know that whenever HTC ChaCha detected the website/photo you are surfing now is "FB-able" the customized FB button will shine? =) Let see what I shared this week using HTC ChaCha. When it shine it means "FB Share time"!! If you've missed out meeting Godfrey Gao in person at Overtime Pavilion , read this blog post with many photos as teasers. Olivia Ong new song -海枯石爛 Having dinner at Sakae Sushi~ One of my favourite restaurant Harbour Steamboat in Puchong is relocating soon More food photos via HTC ChaCha instant share~ Does this looks tempting for you? Bought a new MicroSD card for storing more photo/video =) Was at SuaraKami Carnival since 1PM until the concert end. It was a long day and that's where I got my sexy voice [because of the flu] . The octopus shape-like stage for SuaraKami Concert 2011 Live sharing of SuaraKami Concert. Rania and Nelly performed!! Posted a photo of Rania doing DR Feelgood dancemove Here's a clearer version of Ran

HTC ChaCha Make TC's Live FB Sharing Easier!

Have you ever been in severe traffic jam but have nothing to do? There was once I stucked in traffic jam at LDP towards Damansara where the cars were totally not moving at all. So I took a photo of myself and HTC ChaCha's mysterious FB button made me uploaded this photo. *pun intended* So now the picture has became my new FB profile picture. You can read my earlier post sharing some interesting stuff through HTC ChaCha. I seriously recommend the Pan Mee in Puchong. While I was at Zouk KL covering Suara Kami Concert Press Conference last few days. Immediately I can share with my friends once Rania, the K-Pop group was announced as the international act for the concert. 'No Noise Percussion' did a great live performance too. So who is going to SuaraKami Concert ? I will see you there!! The other day I went to Umai-ya @ Damansara for Lenovo event. It is a cozy place with strong aircon. Noticed that I like to share food photos even more with this brand new gadget. Here's t

Quick Photo Sharing through HTC ChaCha!

Here's a series of interesting stuff that I've shared using the brand new HTC ChaCha , a phone that's dedicated to Facebook evangelist like me hoohoo. First, I somehow manage to transfrom my BlackBerry 9700 into "Blackapple" Went to McD and took a picture of the staff dressed in fairy wings. Glad they posed for me haha Then visited SweetHut @ Puchong Bandar Puteri for some sugar rush. This is the Black Sesame Ice. Most of the desserts are sweet so make sure you get plain water from them. *will turn off flash next time for better photo* The Lala PanMee that is available in Restaurant Tasty Kitchen @ 三色板面 in Bandar Puteri Puchong. The interesting part of this PanMee is their natural color flavored mee. Using Dragon Fruit, spinach, Pumpkin and so on! Healthy and worth a try =) The Volkswagen keychain that I got through this "Volkswagen Polo, Golf & Scirocco trip to Kelantan" . It is a very nice keychain! The next day after I posted the above picture,