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Birdy - 1901 Official MV [Music Weekend]

Birdy - 1901 Since it's weekend I am gonna share with you all one of my favourite music artist. Birdy has a unique voice that I can remember and it just sounds nice. Consider same genre with some of Yuna & Zee Avi 's songs? Just recently, Birdy's new video for 1901 is now out! It was filmed in London on Brick Lane and in a wonderful guitar shop called Hanks. The emotional video plays out the story of a c ouple experiencing trouble with their relationship. In first few months/years, usually a couple is as sweet as this hugging each other while sleeping After years, couple decided to just sleep like this without hugging/cuddle. When time passed, sometimes they have doubt about each other. If you've reach this stage, what would you do? Will you still preserve your love? How? This is actually a common thing that happens between couple and I guess for couple who has been together for so long, must remember to re-ignite the "love fire" that you used to like an