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PETRONAS Switch for XTRA Road Challenge with Celebrities! Support my friend!

Have you ever heard of PETRONAS Switch for XTRA ? PETRONAS Switch for XTRA is a program where selected contestant will follow local celebrities on a roadtrip as they complete challenges across the nation. #Switch4XTRA Road Challenge is the official hashtag. PETRONAS’ Switch for XTRA Road Challenge is the second phase of #Switch4XTRA campaign (the first being the Switch for XTRA Race). It entails 3 celebrities, Awal Ashaari , Scha Alyahya and Faizal Ismail (FBI) and 1 celebrity blogger (Hanis Zalikha). 3 celebrities, Awal Ashaari , Scha Alyahya and Faizal Ismail (FBI) and 1 celebrity blogger ( Hanis Zalikha ) joining #Switch4XTRA During the road challenge, each celebrity will be supported by a team of 2 supporters, who are all part of the top 15 winners from the Switch for XTRA Race . Each team will be sent on a roadtrip to a location in Malaysia, where they will need to complete a challenge which can only be done with the help of the public. When the teams receive the

XPLAY Party with 15 Hot Girl DJs! Join me @ Aquasonic this Saturday!

XPLAY is Back, Party People! By now, you would know that XPLAY is *THE* party series of the year. Last year, XPLAY hit clubs in Sunway, JB, KK and Penang, bringing hot local, regional and even international acts to light up your nights and it was absolutely craaaaaazy!  XPLAY 2012: 15 Hottest female DJS, 5 Hottest Clubs for you to party all day all night! This time round XPLAY is going to show how the ladies do it. They’ve got 15 top hottest female DJs from Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore and from all over the world, including our homegrown DJs. They’ll be hitting up some of the hottest clubs in Melaka, Kuching, KL, Penang and KK and you’re invited to party with them all night long! XPLAY has drop by at clubs in Melaka and KuchingThree more places to go!    XPLAY is Back: Sexier, Bolder and Bigger Than Ever! The first two XPLAY parties hit Melaka and Kuching last weekend they were EXPLOSIVE! Both Mixx Club and Rush Artistry were jam packed

Universal Studio Singapore VIP Tour with MasterCard #PricelessSG

  The day after Mastercard Priceless Gala Event with Seal , we were invited for an VIP Tour to Universal Studio Singapore . I am very expecting this one as you can enjoy exclusive treatment, fast ride, and being guide by a VIP Tour Guide that brought us to rides in no time! Universal Studio Singapore VIP entrance You'll get a USS VIP Tour lanyard and a special USS VIP Tour pin Celebrities who left their golden handmark here Our VIP Tour Guide gave us the VIP tag and lanyard including a map and sun-block just in case the weather is too hot during the day =)  Creative space in Universal Studio Singapore Universal Studio Singapore is a really huge place where you can spend your whole day playing all the rides and take photos at many photogenic spots. You will also meet your favourite mascot and can take photos with them! Transformers The Ride @ Universal Studio Singapore The first amazing ride that we took in USS. Thanks to the USS VIP tag

Create Inspiring Video & Win Cash Prize Worth RM28,000 with Nescafe Cans!

I am not a coffee addict but I do drink coffee when I need to complete more task for the day. *sipping my chilled coffee* It does take quite some time to prepare your own coffee, you need to boil water, prepare coffee powder and milk. After 15 minutes then only I can have my cup of coffee. So sometimes I prefer to buy Nescafe cans and keep them in the fridge instead! There are 3 flavors of Nescafe cans and I like Mocha flavor the most. If you are a coffee drinker like I do. There's something you can do to share some love of your Future Aspiration and WIN CASH PRIZES at the same time!! Yeap, you read it right, you can win $$$$$~ By using Nescafe on The Life Facebook apps , it may help you identify what's your future aspiration looks like. You could be one out of 16 categories available there. Wanna know what's my future looks like? =) First, you just need to visit Nescafe Cans FB Page or click on Nescafe On The Life Facebook Apps . Just choose your fav