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ZeeShan: "Look Mom! So many balloons!"

ZeeShan's two years old birthday celebration was full with balloons! While in the midst of editing photos taken during RedMummy's family portrait session and celebrating ZeeShan's two years old birthday, I can't help but sharing one of my sneak peek photo here first!! I just love the happy looks of ZeeShan when he saw balloons everywhere on the bed. Glad that I manage to capture this precious moment before it slip away ;') Both me and RedMummy have been having this idea of doing a family portrait photoshoot since ZeeShan was still in his mommy's womb. However we were so busy and only recently we got the chance to meet up and have a happy photoshoot together in conjunction with ZeeShan's 2yo birthday. *time flies and 2 years gone* One of my new year resolution for year 2014 is to capture more precious moments with Sky Arts Production and share them at this space. Thanks RedMummy for having me to photograph her super active baby's birthday