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LMFAO Samsung GALAXY Y Fans Party Rock @ Sunway Pyramid

Just when you thought the Party Rockin’ couldn’t possibly get any better than this, it just did. Fresh from a free LMFAO ticket redemption nationwide , Samsung, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies announced today that fans that couldn’t make it for the ticket redemption will get a second chance. In Samsung’s Goreng Crew - Online Video Submission Contest , not only do fans stand a chance to win free tickets to the LMFAO concert, they also get to be a part of LMFAO’s entourage in Kuala Lumpur ! Participants are asked to make an online submission on their interpretation of what they think LMFAO would do if they were Malaysian , and 3 submissions stand a chance to be part of LMFAO’s entourage . Close to 500 fans flashed their Samsung GALAXY Y smartphones at the free ticket redemption last Saturday (15th March 2012), redeeming a pair of LMFAO concert tickets each. They were also treated to fantastic performances by a surprise flash mob, Elecoldxhot ,

WIN LMFAO Live In Malaysia Concert Ticket [Contest]

[UPDATE] The LMFAO Kuala Lumpur concert will now be held on 9th April 2012 at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon not March 29 as previously scheduled. All tickets purchased with the earlier date of March 29 will still be valid for the April 9 show. The change is due to Sky Blu’s back injury . Sky was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs and, as a result, Sky Blu is unable to accompany his partner Redfoo on the upcoming Asia tour dates. Not at all fazed by the change, Redfoo and the LMFAO Party Rock Crew are committed to leading their loyal platoon of party rockers across Asia until Sky Blu can return. LMFAO LIVE IN MALAYSIA - SUNWAY LAGOON 29TH MARCH 2012 9th April 2012 Are you ready to shuffle the night away? Come 29th March, Samsung and LMFAO will party rock with you. If you have a Galaxy Y , good for you coz you stand a chance to get 2 free tickets . All you have to do is to flash your Galaxy Y on 10th March and find out where to collect your tickets @