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Esther Koh(estherKKQ) - Malaysia Talented Youtuber/Singer

I really like to watch YouTube (compared to traditional TV) especially when I able to find something that I like to watch and listen to. Since it is a relaxing Sunday I hereby introduce you one of our Malaysia talented Youtuber and Singer Esther Koh (estherKKQ) ! A 14 years old girl born in Malaysia. Malaysia talented Youtuber and Singer Esther Koh (estherKKQ) Thanks to Facebook social feed I saw her first music cover video - "Because of You - Kelly Clarkson" Because of You - Kelly Clarkson covered by Esther Koh Well, I personally think that she is a talented girl with good voice besides her sweet looks. If I am a talent manager I would have sign her up! Haha. Just recently she did a cover of "Kau Ilhamku". Kau Ilhamku.ManBai-Cover By Esther.K Good to know she can play music instrument like guitars too as that will surely add value to a person's capability. Check out her videos on Youtube now at estherKKQ ! This is how youngster nowadays do to increa