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#DetectivePikachu Movie Premiere Party Night @ GSC Mid Valley Megamall

Detective Pikachu Movie Premiere Party Night @ GSC Mid Valley Megamall #DetectivePikachu The other evening shooting for Detective Pikachu Movie Premiere Party Night at GSC Mid Valley   with #DetectivePikachu. The Detective Pikachu mascot that appear that night so cute la! It was a fun party to document too. I see happy family and Pokemon fans who came for the premiere. Don't you think their ticket are special and worth to keep as collection too? Don't forget to get your tickets and see the movie in GSC starting 8 May! I hope you manage to redeem your Limited Edition #DetectivePokemonMovie Trading Card Game in nearest GSC. Now let's check out some event photos.

【Photo】Brother Of The Year in Malaysia IOI CIty Mall #BrotherOfTheYear #BrotherOfTheYearinMY

Brother Of The Year in Malaysia IOI CIty Mall #BrotherOfTheYear #BrotherOfTheYearinMY Nichkhun Horvejkul (Nichkhun),Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya), Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny) and Director Vithaya Thongyuyong As promised, if this YouTube video reach 50 likes within a day, I am posting more photos taken at IOI City Mall. #BrotherOfTheYear VIPs including Director Witthaya Thongyuyong (also known as Vithaya Thongyooyong) ,  Nichkhun Horvejkul (Nichkhun) , Sunny Suwanmethanont (Sunny) and Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya). They have arrived at Malaysia few days back to promote the movie #BrotherOfTheYearinMY. The event held at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya was free admission and fans already start gathered at the main stage area since early. I wonder they were here for Sunny, Yaya, Nichkhun or Director Witthaya? Before BOTY stars arrived, emcee Jacky from XUAN did a game to choose 6 lucky audience for a chance to interact with the casts. Besides that, there were 10 lucky winners who won t

'Once Upon A Miao' - Akiraceo's BookTalk & Autograph @ MPH Mid Valley

'Once Upon A Miao' - Akiraceo's BookTalk & Autograph @ MPH Mid Valley The other day on 20 March 2016  Akiraceo-Miao&WafuPafu is having a book talk at MPH Mid Valley Megamall all the way from Kuching!! As a kucing fans of Akiraceo's drawing, I went to his 'Once Upon A Miao' book autograph session and as a catch-up session since our last trip to Jeju Island together. As a photographer, I personally think there's always something that worth captured in an event, hence below are some photos of Akiraceo doing live cartoon comic drawing and special customized book autograph session for readers who brought along their book. I was rushing to Mid Valley the other day hence forgot to bring my book..... *doot myself* All right below are the photos captured during Akiraceo's Book Autograph session and our ice-cream session at MilkCow. The Cotton Candy MilkCow Ice-Cream I ordered looks great but it is a mess to eat it because your hand will

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Now In Malaysia - Mid Valley Megamall #GIMME4FINGERSMY

4FINGERS Crispy Chicken Now In Malaysia - Mid Valley Megamall #GIMME4FINGERSMY Ever heard of 4FINGERS Crispy Chicken ? Well, if you haven't, this new delicious Korean style chicken wings has come to Malaysia! First branch in Malaysia has now opened at Mid Valley Megamall . I've heard the hype about this new Crispy Chicken in Singapore where people been queuing up for it.  Well, good news for Malaysian as you have ample space to dine in instead of need to takeaway. If you want to 'dapao' they still have this nice paper box to wrap your chicken wings perfectly. I was invited to the launch event and get to be the first few to try out  4FINGERS . So thank you for the free flow of crispy chickens! *burp*  So... how does it tasted like? Let's continue reading~

CNBLUE MEET & GREET @ Mid Valley Megamall 2015 - The Class Malaysia

[UPDATE: Event photos and video of CNBLUE x The Class Meet & Greet @ Mid Valley Magamall - 10 Lucky Fans Got Individual Group Photo ] CNBLUE MEET AND GREET @ Mid Valley Megamall - The Class Malaysia 4 July 2015 (1pm) South Court, Mid Valley Megamall Attention to all CNBLUE fans!! CNBLUE is coming to Malaysia on 4th July 2015 at Mid Valley Megamall . The Class Malaysia is giving out passes so do stay tuned !!! Share this good news with your friend!! =D YongHwa CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 The very first time I saw CNBLUE in person was their concert in Malaysia in 2013. It was a good opportunity to shoot some concert photos posted below: CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 [Part 1] CNBLUE Live in Malaysia 2013 [Part 2] Now this time they will be here for their clothing line The Class Malaysia opening and there will be a meet and greet session too. Do share this news with your friends who don't wanna miss it!! Last year I had the opportunity to se

50 HUGE Minions Invaded Mid Valley Megamall [28 May- 14 June] #minionsMY

50 HUGE Minions Invaded Mid Valley Megamall mALAYSIA!! [28 May- 14 June]      #minionsMY I believe for frequent visitors of Mid Valley Megamall you've seen the life size minions invaded Centre Court of the shopping mall. There are more than 50 huge size minions being placed around the mall and the place was crowded with lots of cute minions fans!! Minions invasion at Mid Valley Megamall will be there from 28th May until 14th June 2015 ! Therefore you guys shouldn't miss this chance to meet the cute minions before the movie premiere~ Not only that you can take unlimited photo with the minions statue, you can also meet the minions mascots (1PM, 4PM and 7PM) or even play the Minion Rush Game at the Huawei-Honour booths to get limited edition 'Minion' movie merchandise and more. Since that place was so crowded with people coming here for holiday, I've tried my best to capture the good view of the Minions Tribe here. You will have an idea on what to look fo