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《开餐吧!吃货小妹》八度空间2019年贺岁电视剧 2019年1月24日起『原创强档』每逢星期一至四,晚上9时30分 八度空间2019年贺岁电视剧 《开餐吧!吃货小妹》 将于 2019年1月24日 起, 『原创强档』 每逢星期一至星期四,晚上9时30分启播!全剧共长22集的《开餐吧!吃货小妹》是由 Pauline陈俐杏、Jordan盛天俊、Henley许亮宇、高艺 主演,其他参与演员还包括 Steve叶良财、Jordan温绍平、Sam张咏华、Rickman谢承伟、Natalie小玉、Remon林奕廷 和 韩依婷 。 由NIVEA 荣誉呈献,KINOHIMITSU 协力赞助的《开餐吧!吃货小妹》是一部 爱情励志轻喜剧 ,透过剧中主角看年轻人如何将传统美食和现代的速食文化结合,开拓了一片新天地,也希望借此激发青年人运用他们创新的思维为传统文化注入新气息。 当天记者会上演员们分享了拍摄故事,除了问 Jordan盛天俊 比较喜欢谁做女主角,也间接谈到了 Henley许亮宇 和 高艺 之间的关系。那到底 Henley 与 高艺 有没有发展的空间呢 ? 看了访问视频你可能就猜到啦~除此之外,Henley与 Sam 张咏华 拍父子戏拍到喝醉了。为什么 Pauline陈俐杏 去试镜试了三次呢?可能因为这样,真材实料的她才能一人担当唱电视剧主题曲哦~是的,Pauline在记者会演唱了《管明天什么结果》,请看以下视频: 《开餐吧吃货小妹》Jordan喜欢谁做女主角 Henley Hii拍戏喝醉了? "Sweet Delicacy" 8TV Chinese Drama Actors Interview #八度空间


City of Elmina – Elmina Lakeside Concert 2019 featuring Shane Filan, Namewee, Fazura The first lakeside concert at the City of Elmina – “Elmina Lakeside Concert” -- will take place on 19 January 2019 at the Elmina Central Park , located within the award-winning City of Elmina township in Shah Alam. The FREE concert is brought to you exclusively by Sime Darby Property and organised by Universal Music Malaysia . Announced at a press conference held in November 2018, concert-goers will be entertained by Shane Filan , of Westlife fame and Malaysian songstress and celebrity Fazura . A third act has been confirmed to join the concert line-up, which is Malaysian musician and filmmaker Namewee .

[REVIEW] Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black. Should You Get it?

A special day to look good on buddy's wedding with Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black  Every man should have at least one good watch , and I am on the search for it.  Right before I went Bhutan for a spiritual trip, I've got this Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black to fly with me and to test it out at the same time. Above photos was taken at my friend's beautiful wedding so I thought of, "Beautiful location, already dressed up, why not get a good portrait?" Thanks Calvin Alexi for this photo taken at Glasshouse Seputeh. Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm Black on wrist There wasn't much photos taken when I testing out this watch because most of the time the watch is being covered by the jacket when I was in Bhutan. (Weather was cold) Hence I will share my brief review and opinion about this Samsung Smart Watch.