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MaxisONE Plan - Unlimited Phonecall and SMS with Always On Internet. Love to talk? Choose this!

Yo guys, if you use your smartphone a lot especially on calling and SMS, and you don't want to miss out using mobile internet data plan, Maxis got One Plan that suits all!! If you have best friends who like to talk a lot with each other and typing message is a hassle, why not just call because you can have unlimited call with your love one instantly with Maxis ONEplan =)

The Cat with Blue Eyes

Ever since we human know learned how to differentiate color, we know how to describe this photo of a cat above. Some might say a cat with blue eyes, some might even say this is a black cat with cyan coloured eyes. But sometimes, people tends to judge other people by its cover because that's what you see at first place. To really know the personality of a person, you definitely need to spend time together to figure that out...


当我在路上看到有人把一位男子的脸贴在他的车身,然后写着未来世界首富张健”的时候,我就好奇张健这人到底是谁。万万没想到五月初就有这个媒体活动说要签署大马艺人。媒体朋友还得到印有张健肖像的Powerbank。终于我上网Google关于未来世界首富张健”的消息,我不知道有多少马六甲的朋友已经把你的RM300投资给这类似MLM行销的公司,但是据我了解,这只是另一个MLM金钱游戏 (Money Game)。至于能不能赚钱,那可要看你的本事啦,详情请续读:

Eye-Fi Mobi Class 10 16GB - Camera to Phone for Instant Sharing

Yo guys, if you wonder how I INSTANTLY transfer photos from my DSLR camera to smartphone/tablet and upload to Instagram. I am going to reveal the 'secret' today!! Introducing Eye-fi Wi-fi Memory Card! Without buying new camera, you can upgrade your camera with WiFi features now. This is how I upload quality photos captured using my Nikon D800 DSLR and SONY RX100 to my smartphone easily. If you wanna upload great photo instantly, maybe it is time you get this Eye-Fi card from me~

It's not OK to be OK

Yo guys, how was your Monday so far? I hope you didn't get trapped in the usual traffic jam as that's totally NOT OK for me. Thanks to KL Traffic, that's one of the reason I look for other job that gives me flexible working time and get away from the traffic jam. *maybe that's why I am now a full-time blogger and photographer* Have you ever noticed that you can easily waste 2 hours of your day just by going/coming back from work? You can always spend that extra hour to learn something new like play Ukulele or learn how to dance. *I dream of become an artist before* Of course, I still get trapped in traffic jam sometimes because some of the events will held in the heart of KL and you can't avoid that. (Unless you willing to reach there much earlier)

My first class at British Council

Have you heard about British Council before?? Whether you want to learn or teach English, take an exam, study in the UK or find out about  their forthcoming events, this is the place to start. I've always wanted to improve my English writing and conversation skill hence I finally decided to try out their courses at British Council located in Selangor Dredging Berhad. I am gonna share with you what I did to get enrol in a course and my first-time experience with them.

苏打绿十周年世界巡回演唱会 Sodagreen AIR world tour @ Singapore新加坡站!! [30 August 2014]

Do you miss Sodagreen after their awesome concert performance in Malaysia few months back?! Today I would like to share "2014年苏打绿10周年空气中的视听与幻觉世界巡回演唱会-新加坡站 2014 Sodagreen AIR World Tour Singapore".  Ticket launch will be on Sunday, 25th May 2014 at 9am online ( and 12pm via SIS Box Office and Ticketing Hotline 6333 5000. I've been to Singapore Indoor Stadium once and it is a great place for Sodagreen's 10th Anniversary Concert! So Soda fans, do not miss out this chance to see them perform at Singapore this 30 August!! I do hope that I can photography Sodagreen concert again this year IN SINGAPORE!! *wish me luck would ya?? =)* Here's the seating plan:

Angry Birds Competed at Putrajaya Nautique Ski & Wake Championship 2014

Few weeks ago while it was raining cats and dogs in Puchong, I was praying hard that the weather will turn sunny again because I don't wanna miss the epic water stunt performance by the athletes at Putrajaya Nautique Ski and Wake Championship, Putrajaya. I am glad that the weather turns bright again when I reach there. Apparently Angry Birds are participants who compete too! Come watch how they clear the blocks ON the water!!

I can watch 'HoneyBall' anytime now!!

Instead of calling it Hannibal, 'HoneyBall' sounds cuter right? *inspired from an aunty* Haha! I like this TV series very much and love it since the first series. The way they film it is so artistic and I love the story line too. Now Will Graham vs Hannibal Lecter, which one do you prefer?? However due to the nature of my working schedule I can't stick to the sofa and watch the TV show... Thanks to technology nowadays, I can watch it anytime I want with Astro Personal Video Recoder (PVR). Do you know that Astro PVR now has Wi-Fi features? Let me share with you what's new and good about it:

Street Photography with Olympus @ Pudu Raya - Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟

Finally!! I have decided to settle down and share photos taken during last month's Olympus Malaysia Photography outing lead by Robin Wong. This is actually my first time using Olympus System and I would like to thanks Jackie Loi for lending me his Olympus E-M1 and Robin Wong who 'poison' me with a series of Olympus greatest lenses. I am currently a Nikon DSLR user and always looking for new alternative when I want to travel light but still not neglecting good quality images. Why? Because my DSLR AND lenses is always heavier than mirrorless camera and I wanna know how good is Olympus OM-D E-M1 and whether it meet my par.
Since I took quite a lot photos, I've decided to feature and categorize it based on location. We went to a Chinese Temple, Indian Temple and also the wet market, which I met great people there. Now I shall share photos captured around this Chinese temple - "Guang Zhao Hui Guan Guan Ti Miao 廣肇會館關帝廟".
This temple is known as Kwong Siew Associat…

6 Ways to Secure Xiaomi Mi3/RedMi/Note Malaysia Buying Guide #XiaoMi

[UPDATE: I already manage to get XiaoMi Mi3, Powerbanks 10400 and 5200 mAh for myself and friends. So yeah this methods definitely work =D Hope you got yours soon!! If you manage to grab yourself one or more Xiaomi, LIKE and SHARE this post with your friends!!]

Without much introduction needed, XiaoMi has been discussed among people especially my friends who said it was sold out in Singapore within minutes. If you haven't know this , Xiaomi Mi 3 will be selling in Malaysia at RM889 only staring 20 May RM769 now. Bad news is only 4,000 unit will be made available during the launch. I'm gonna share some tips to help you secure one of the limited unit:

Wesak Day @ Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Exhibition Centre 修成林(蒲种)展览中心

Today was Wesak Day AND also holiday, hence I tag along with friends toSau Seng Lum Exhibition Centre 修成林展览中心 in Puchong to pray and was surprised that there was a maze that teach you life lessons. Not sure who design it but it definitely looks different if compared with conventional kind of temple. Interestingly, it looks like a temple but named as SSL Exhibition Centre instead. This place was crowded with people when comes to noon and I am glad we went there in the morning. 

'Colours of Malaysia' - Submit photo and win Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera #myNXmini

Yo guys, this is a late night post since I don't feel sleepy after drank the milk tea from Wong Kok Char Chan Teng just now. *did a terrible mistake because later still need to wake up early to temple* Anyway, saw this contest through Digital Camera Magazine Malaysia and definitely gonna give it a try to win this Samsung NX Mini Smart Camera. I've seen blogger friends using it and it would be a great compact cam to bring around and superbly great for #selfie. *thanks to the 180 degree flippable screen* Below is my entry:

Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch @ Traders Hotel - Gobo Chit Chat, KL

Two weeks ago I was at Traders Hotel, the place where you can have the most awesome view of Petronas Twin Towers. I wish I was there to capture some awesome timelapse but this time I was there to enjoy a Sushi Galore at Gobo Chit Chat. 

Beginning 15 March 2014, Gobo Chit Chat, one of the best all-day dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, is having Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch. Available on Saturdays and Sundays, the Sushi Weekend Buffet Lunch is all about having a variety of Japanese delicacies for everyone. There are 30 types of sushi and maki rolls, six types of ramen and various hot and cold dishes for guests to enjoy. Priced at RM68 nett and including unlimited green tea, this sushi weekend buffet lunch also features many types of dessert, the highlight of which is the Green Tea Chocolate Fountain. *slurp*

Scroll down and check out all the photos that makes you salivate! 

Win Meet & Greet Passes and Concert Tickets to Taylor Swift LIVE Show in Malaysia this 11 June 2014!! #RealMusicbyAIA

Guys remember I had mentioned earlier that there would be some great news coming up on Taylor Swift Live Concert in Malaysia?! We all know that Taylor Swift Concert tickets have already been SOLD OUT in Malaysia but thanks to AIA Bhd. the Lead Sponsor of this concert, here's your chance now to win priceless Meet and Greet passes AND Concert Tickets to catch Taylor Swift performing  live in KL this coming 11 June 2014#RealMusicbyAIA

So how is this happening?

Share your Happiness!!

I don't know about you, but if I need to live my life without being able to eat delicious foods in Malaysia, my life will be meaningless. Gotta thanks to god's creation where we human have a mouth that let us experience different kinds of flavours. When you eat chili you feel hot and spicy, when you sick you will need to eat medicines that sometimes taste bitter.... but luckily there are foods that makes you feel happy, especially chocolate and candies!

I quite like one caramel coated candy with chocolate filling. At first that sticky caramel taste will linger around your tongue, and after that the sweetness of the chocolate filling. Basically what you eat will  indirectly affect how you feel =)
Now I have something to share with you and you may want to share the happiness too~

The Music Run KL @ Selangor Turf Club & I Won iPod Shuffle with #TCSelfie!!

Today weather was really hot and I really wish that Malaysia can have that cold breeze blowing over our face while having puffy white clouds decorating the blue sky. Maybe that's why people always like to take prewedding photos oversea ha? =)
I am gonna share tons of photos taken during Malaysia first ever Music Run which was held at Selangor Turf Club. Will definitely talk about the good and bad thing about this run.

When Darkness Approach...

Today woke up super early in the morning to do some interesting Network Test Drive around Subang area. I was so so so lazy to wake up for this but I am glad I did. Learned more about 3G/4G technologies and of course found out that I should have update my data plan since last year. Waking up as early as 6am is always good because you can see the beautiful sunrise and of course feeling that the day is longer everyday too.  However when you need to get through that heavy traffic to working place, it won't be that happy any more. This also reminded me the reason why I quite my job and become full-time photoblogger at

“Cool魔”转身变“Cool摩” - Chi Lam 张智霖出任OGAWA代言人

今天下午在马来西亚1Utama举办的OGAWA活动主要除了是宣布Julian Cheung Chi Lam 张智霖出任OGAWA代言人与介绍"智COOL"系列按摩椅。Cool魔的魅力没减,吸引了很多粉丝来捧场与见面。活动当中有一对母女被幸运邀上台与张智霖近距离接触,连粉丝要求自拍也一一奉陪。Cool摩果真很酷!

Le Pollidor Cafe @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

So today was an awesome holiday for almost everyone except restaurant and shopping malls. I've processed and edited a lot photos and decided that it was time to take a late lunch break. Nicole suggested that we should visit Le Pollidor Cafe at Bandar Puteri, Puchong and I am glad we did. It is one quiet and beautiful place where you can go there for a coffee matched with a slice of cake. Or just order a glass of drinks and do your work there as long you brought your laptop along. 

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