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Help Kids @ Malaysia Lysosomal Disease Association [MLDA]

Below is a community message brought to you by "Greetings from the Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association , My name is Lee Yee Seng , and I am writing to you on behalf of the Malaysia Lysosomal Diseases Association (MLDA) . The MLDA was formed in May 2011 and was officially launched in October 2011 by parents and supporters of patients who are afflicted by a group of rare diseases called Lysosomal Storage Diseases (LSD) . LSD is caused by an inherited genetic problem , which causes a malfunction of enzymes which function to rid the cells of waste. This then results in various other illnesses, disorders and ailments such as developmental delay, movement disorders, seizures, dementia, deafness and blindness among other things. The disease mostly affects children and they often die at a young and unpredictable age if left untreated. Diagnosing LSD can be complex and lengthy as the symptoms are similar to more common diseases. Furthermore, the diseases sometimes progres