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Samsung Global Blogger 2012 Winner @ London 2012

Hola gorgeous people who reading this =) Thanks for visit this space as it has been long time I never blog (though just a few days). I've always wanted to share this last year but things keep piling up... anyway I've finally decided to share a little bit of my London 2012 experience here - the wrap party for us Samsung Global Blogger (SGB) after being so hardworking for the whole week in London. Being able to meet Dato' Lee Chong Wei AND Jamie Oliver in person and interview them was one out of many awesome experience I've gotten during this trip to London 2012. The reason why I haven't really share about what I did in London is because I've always caught up with new stuff and need to complete them in deadline. Oh well, I shall start make a change and focus on sharing my past travel experience before I forget them. Check out what happened during our SGB wrap party: Food and beer being served at the wrap party Talented street performer wer

Astro CNY Dinner 2013 @ Oversea Restaurant [Jaya One]: I Won RM300!

Happy Ulala 2013 - Before you continue reading, I would like to wish you all (especially you who keep dropping by to this space for new updates) have an awesome Ulala year ahead, if SPM this year get all As, if working become richer this year and stay healthy+happy as always. Hopefully you like my blog+photos and support Sky Arts Production - My Photography Page. Thank you Astro for inviting me to their annual Chinese New Year Dinner at Oversea Restaurant @ Jaya One . It was fun to be here again, better traffic compared to last year. If you wonder how was the food in Oversea Restaurant, it was all taste good, just that the waiter and waitress act a bit slow while serving the food. I guess they were all exhaousted during the CNY season~  Astro 2013 CNY Dinner Menu  I like the chicken dish and sea cucumber with broccoli dishes the most. Other bloggers who attended the dinner that night includes KY, Haze Long, SaiMatKong and MsXeroz =D KY and Haz

[Giveaway] My Selangor Story 2010 Prize Giving Ceremony @ Delicious, Marc Residence

My Selangor Story 2010 Prize Giving Ceremony at Delicious, Marc Residence which happened in last year December. I am digging old + glory stuff to blog about and this is just one out of hundreds...If only a day have 48 hours...~ Let's start the stories~ When to KLCC to meet up a few MSS bloggers friends at Sakae Sushi KLCC The sushi is getting smaller... Then we do Dylan's signature pose . Tsk Tsk After lunch we walk to delicious @ marc residence . A very nice place to have your tea time here with their delicious foods. But parking inside the residence can cost you a bomb, so park your car else where~ A lady from Tourism Selangor giving speech A portrait for Feeq Eyriqazz 's wife and daughter was there too~ *shhhh* Okie MSS results announced~ BEST PHOTOS - Feeq Still remember his fish lens to camwhore with lots of people MOST INTERACTIVE BLOG - Eyriqazz really interactive with tons of comments~ Amelia was soooo sentimental when announcing next winner Then Quachee was spot