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Lu Ding Kee 炉鼎记 @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah

[Attention] Non-halal post =) Lu Ding Kee 炉鼎记 @ Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah Few weeks before Chinese New Year, was invited to try out dishes in Lu Ding Kee 炉鼎记. This is a Chinese restaurant that serve specially brewed herbal soup in clay hot pot . They serve various foods including Pepper Pork Stomach Chicken Soup, Chuan La Fish, Xiao Fei Yang and lots more. The dishes are specialty from several provinces in China. Inside view of Lu Ding Kee restaurant It is nice to see their chopstick and bowl are pre-sterilized and sealed tightly Not the bamboo kind of chopstick too 绝味猪肚鸡 @ Jue Wei Zhu Du Ji Pepper Pork and chicken with herbs Big RM108/ Small RM68 川辣水煮鱼 @ Chuan La Shui Zhu Yu Super spicy fish RM24/500g *Not sure if I can handle it* 原味小肥羊 @ Yuan Wei Xiao Fei Yang Goat dishes where you can have mixed soups (Plain/Spicy) 奇味鸡煲 @ Qi Wei Ji Bao Chicken Bowl from Rm58/RM78 The customer next to our table is having their YuenYang Steamboat @ Lu Ding Kee This is Lu Ding Kee Pork Ear. bec