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Astro国际华裔小姐2013 三甲远赴韩国拍摄旅游特辑 - 《美姐出巡Korea Style》

Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013  Top 3 winners had a wonderful trip to Korea for the video shooting of  《美姐出巡Korea Style》Travel Log. In just 8 days, Zhiny, Fancy and Erica has travelled to many different places in Korea to experience the local culture and share what they did during the trip. Below are some brief sneak peak of what you will see from their upcoming Korean Style Travel Log!! It looks really fun and I wish I can do something like this in future. Oh wait, Astro don't have Mister Astro Chinese International Pageant yet. Anyway, I guest I shall start doing something on my YouTube channel first. Instead of just photo story, I will try to do more motion pictures/video blogpost in future!!  Astro国际华裔小姐2013 三甲远赴韩国拍摄旅游特辑 抛开美姐包袱零形象  以最自然一面疯狂游韩国 Astro国际华裔小姐 竞选2013比赛告一段落,新鲜出炉三甲美姐随即跟随制作单位远赴韩国,展开8天7夜的 《美姐出巡Korea Style》旅游特辑 拍摄行程,带领观众体验不一样的韩国旅游! 本届美姐冠军 Zhiny黄之豫 、亚军 Fancy吴胤婷 和季军 Erica陈秋萍 从韩国首尔出发,一直南下至釜山,并且在 韩国观光公社吉隆坡分社(KTO) 赞助和精心安排下,到访多个

Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013成绩揭晓! Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 Top 3 Winners!

今晚在 Zebra Square 举行的 《Astro国际华裔小姐竞选2013》 决赛已圆满结束!!恭喜佳丽 Zhiny黄之豫 一口气赢得了“完美体态小姐”、“最上镜小姐”以及美姐冠军头衔,成为三料冠军。 亚军得主由另一位大热门 Fancy吴胤婷 夺得,季军得主是 Erica陈秋萍 、殿军得主 Carol王珂媃 ,亦是 “最佳才艺小姐” ,第五名是模特儿出身的 Angelica叶小庆 , “亲善小姐” 则由来自怡保的 Charlotte陈美婷 赢得。 Congrat to Zhiny黄之豫 for being crowned as Miss Astro 2013 Astro國際華裔小姐競選 Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant 2013 冠军:Zhiny黄之豫 亚军:Fancy吳胤婷 季军:Erica陈秋萍 殿军:Carol王鈳媃 第五名:Angelica叶小庆 Congratz to all the winners. There will always people who like/hate you so just be yourself and stay awesome!! Enjoy your Korea trip!! More photos on soon. PS: Zebra Square is not a place to organize such huge event. Parking space was so limited and we had to walk so far. Luckily there was van transit after the show. Okie time to have a bath!! Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post