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A Night Party to Remember MWR ruumzsters @ Sanctuary (The Curve)

Dear all, if you haven't read about MWR's first meet up Do visit here! >> Most Wanted Roomates @ GreenPacket Rooftop Here comes ruumz's second meet up! This time it is bigger and better @ Sanctuary (The Curve)! Another new place for me to visit :) The decoration in Sanctuary is kinda Orange, Black, Red, Yellow and White. Mixing with the fire elements. Before I show you something I would like to mention here I DON'T SMOKE :) What attracted me is the guy who shown us how a cigarette was made. He told us that there are three different level/ taste that you can have Light, Medium, or Heavy Tobacco You can put in some essence oil/liquid that you like too Just put the tobacco into the hole, fixed to an empty cigarette. Then "ka-cha", with just a pull an amount of tobacco was inserted into the smoke tube. Here he is the demostrator :) Besides me is a PC Platform for people to vote for your faourite MWR Notebook with P1 WIGGY was provided. When you vote ther