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Do what makes you HAPPY =) - Froya

Adibah Noor @ Shout! Awards 2013. I love this captured moment of her. Looks so enjoy! I don't know if it is accumulated tiredness throughout the weekend or what, I did nothing much on Monday except rest and most of the timeeeeee..... I sleep. Just like above picture, I sleep like a king (in this case queen Adibah Noor) and feel really happy the next day. At least I feel less sleepy and went for a photoshoot with fellow blogger friends this afternoon. Today, a friend of mine wonder how did I manage to become who I am today - a fulltime blogger at . I've shared on how I got into this journey in my 'About Me' but he asked if I can share more details on how I achieve this level specifically. I don't know if there is anyone else who is interested with the story but it reminded me on how I change my career from a biotechnologist into a photo-blogger. I also couldn't believe how I did it but it happened. Everything happen so quickly that it h