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Hard Rock Cafe Melaka - Awesome Live Band at Night!

Hola readers!! Since I was having a long holiday in Melaka,  it is part of my 'responsibility' as a Melakan to introduce you new places to hang out. During my CNY in Melaka, I always wonder where should I go and hang out to catch up with primary school and secondary school friends, besides the usual hang out spot Amigo, Mamak Taman Kota Laksamana (Mamak TKL), Library, Old Town Kopitiam, etc... we now have many more new places to be at. This time, introducing you the Hard Rock Cafe at Melaka Riverside. Hard Rock Cafe @ Melaka Hard Rock Cafe in Melaka located just beside the Melaka River and the entrance of Jonker Walk 鸡场街文化坊. It is a great location for tourist visit especially when the cafe is located in the area of UNESCO World heritage site. CNY decoration for Jonker Walk @ Melaka - 郑和宝船 Zheng He's treasure ship The Stadhuys Square in Malacca Hard Rock Cafe @ Melaka is nicely located between two tourist spots, the