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Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 亚洲音乐节 [Photo+Video]

All right, here comes my coverage on Tiger Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 2012 . It was my pleassure to capture their precious moments and share with you guys. I hope the photos will remind you on what happened that night. Press con was held around 4PM and artists who attended as above. LMF wasn't there as according to Jimmy they were still having good food around the town and didn't manage to reach in time. The first artist who performed as opening act I know he is an Aries through his tattoo haha Followed by member from SoulCrazy and Elecoldxhot Awesome dance as usual. Can always see new choreographed dance move =) Exotic Percussion Band that never forget to be humor Exotic Percussion Band *Slow motion* + Bad breath The moment Paul Wong 黄贯中 and Ka Keung 黄家强 appear on stage the crowd went crazy! =D 金刚, Mei Yan 颜薇恩 and 豆腐卜Bernard Paul Wong become shirtless after he say Malaysia weather is hot and fans encouraged him to strip Beyond++ A-Lin gather

Paul Wong Live @ Thai Club Asian Music Festival 黄贯中 @ 亚洲音乐节

Paul Wong 黄贯中, the official ambassador of Asian Music Festival 2011 亚洲音乐节 and icon of Hong Kong rock music was at Thai Club having a live performance in conjunction with . There was a media interview session and this is my first time seeing him in Malaysia. Paul Wong 黄贯中 was wearing a grey shirt with bright blue long pant. Not forget to wear a cool sunglasses. Jeff Chin was the emcee of the night. He is good as he approached the media for question dedicated to Paul Wong. Noticed Chinese media are more shy than English media =) What do Paul Wong think about the Asian Music Festival 2011? Paul think that Asian Music Festival should consist of many different musicians that have different kind of genre. Rock style, pop +++ . It should be a place for people who love music. How long will Paul Wong perform on stage? Paul Wong will perform around 10 songs which took around 45 minutes. If the crowds is hot enough Paul might perform more songs. Including Cantonese and Chinese songs.