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Malaysian Night Seafood Galore @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom + Supper!

[Next Post: Exciting Eco Adventure @ Awana Genting Long House ] MSS Bloggers were invited to join the Malaysian Night Dinner @ Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom and it was a seafood galore moment~! Even the desserts were colourful & attractive enough to make you drool! Journey to Golden Palm Tree MSS2011 Travel | *Press play and paused, finish the post then only watch this for best experience!* If you missed out the sunset @ Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa, feel free to visit my blog post about Golden Palm Tree Low Tide Tour & sunset view . Barbeque and grilled seafood were served just outside the ballroom. Almost every section has a chef ready to serve us. Various kind of seafood served together in a wok. It is not a usual wok that you see. The steel wok was this huge!! =D Thanks Dian for the pose~ These were my starters. Satay, Ikan Haruan, Prawn, Green Mussels, Crab +++ *burp* The Golden Palm Tree Grand Ballroom is so spacious that it can